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Homebrew Competitions / Re: NHC regional experiences
« on: May 01, 2013, 06:29:54 PM »
I went and logged in. I have no scores against my entries. Is anyone else seeing the same, or did my beers not make it to the shipping destination.

my scores show up...

Well I guess mine probably didn't make it. I had to resend after customs rejected a package with a broken bottle. Noone involved in the competition's fault, but annoying all the same.

Homebrew Competitions / Re: NHC regional experiences
« on: May 01, 2013, 06:12:20 PM »
I went and logged in. I have no scores against my entries. Is anyone else seeing the same, or did my beers not make it to the shipping destination.

On another tack - you have scoresheets back?

No sign of mine yet, and there's no results been leaked on the web.

some regions finished 3 weeks ago.  others only 6 days ago.

I know. My region was one of the first done.

On another tack - you have scoresheets back?

No sign of mine yet, and there's no results been leaked on the web.

The Pub / Re: Seren Brewing Company
« on: April 19, 2013, 01:35:20 PM »
I wasn't sure such promotion was allowed ;)

But yep, I'm going pro.

Events / Re: NHC Direct links email
« on: February 26, 2013, 09:19:48 PM »
NYC has less than 100 to be full now....

Events / Re: NHC Direct links email
« on: February 26, 2013, 09:02:54 PM »
The software is problematic. I run the UK National Homebrew Competition, have helped with the Irish National Homebrew Competition and we have similar problems with hosting on a server I own. Multiple registrations at the same time seem to shut the database down.

Beyond this, I have some beer to enter, I'm the other side of an ocean and I can't stay up all night.

And I note that NY now says 0 entries have been logged...

Results! Formatting is better on the main website -

Results - UK National Homebrew Competition

Best of Show

Place   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Graeme Coates   Cauchy - Schwarz Inequality   4C: Schwarzbier   Oxford Brewers
2nd   Steve Syson   Debaser   14C: Imperial IPA   Midlands Craft Brewers
3rd   Dave Halse   Mystrawraspb   20A: Fruit Beer   London Amateur Brewers


Porter (26 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Jacob Griffin   Zombier   Baltic Porter   -
2nd   Chris Lewis   Rigor Porteris   Robust Porter   
3rd   Steve Crawshaw   Waggoner Porter   Robust Porter   Bristol Craft Brewers

Stout (43 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Ben Hislop   Big Black   Imperial Stout   Scottish Craft Brewers
2nd   Tim Daly   Oatmeal Sweet Stout   Sweet Stout   Oxford Brewers
3rd   Bryan Spooner   Sadako Imperial Stout   Imperial Stout   London Amature Brewers (lab)
HM   David Budd   Heacham Russian Imperial Stout   Imperial Stout   North Devon Craft Brewers

Specialty Beer (27 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Ali Kocho-williams   Indian Ink   Specialty Beer   Bristol Brewing Circle/bristol Craft Brewers/pembrokeshire Union Of Brewers
2nd   Ben Hislop   Long Black Cloud   Specialty Beer   Scottish Craft Brewers
3rd   Jacob Griffin   Black Tiger Rye Pa   Specialty Beer   -

Strong Ales (14 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Ross Harper   Backbreaker Barleywine   American Barleywine   Red Earth Brewers
2nd   Dave Halse   Mybarleywine   English Barleywine   London Amateur Brewers
3rd   Andrew Jardine   Cave Adsum   American Barleywine   Boohs

Belgian And French Ales (45 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Matthew Barker   Disconnecty Belgian Ipa   Belgian Specialty Ale   London Amateur Brewers
2nd   Robert Petterson   Robert Petterson   Witbier   
3rd   Ali Kocho-williams   Black Monk   Belgian Specialty Ale   Bristol Brewing Circle/bristol Craft Brewers/pembrokeshire Union Of Brewers
HM   Matt Bunn   Duckfight 2012   Belgian Specialty Ale   

Belgian Strong Ales (28 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Ken Winter   Velvet Tankard   Belgian Dark Strong Ale   
2nd   Steve Syson   Tripel Trubbel   Belgian Tripel   Midlands Craft Brewers
3rd   Ron Allison   Kiwi Dubbel   Belgian Dubbel   Midlands Craft Brewers
HM   Daniel Van Der Zee   055 DSA   Belgian Dark Strong Ale   

Light Hybrids (16 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Ali Kocho-williams   Amarillo Wheat   American Wheat or Rye Beer   Bristol Brewing Circle/bristol Craft Brewers/pembrokeshire Union Of Brewers
2nd   Stephen Sykes   Stephen Sykes   Kolsch   Northern Craft Brewers
3rd   Mark Grundy   Eau De Cologne   Kolsch   Bristol Brewing Circle
HM   Shane O'beirne   Bruntsfield Blonde   Blonde Ale   

English Pale Ales (57 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Steve Osborne   English Pale Ale   Special/Best/Premium Bitter   Midland Craft Brewers
2nd   Ron Allison   Golden Bitter   Standard/Ordinary Bitter   Midlands Craft Brewers
3rd   Richard Pearce   Strong Bitter   Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale)   London Amateur Brewers
HM   Rob Marchington   Croft Hsb   Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale)   Cambridge Craft Brewers

American Ales (37 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   David Barker   Citra Amber Ale   American Amber Ale   None
2nd   Matthew Barker   Prodigal American Pale Ale   American Pale Ale   London Amateur Brewers
3rd   Tom Greasley   The Red Scare   American Amber Ale   London Amateur Brewers

IPA (58 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Steve Syson   Debaser   Imperial IPA   Midlands Craft Brewers
2nd   Steve Syson   Stoned IPA   American IPA   Midlands Craft Brewers
3rd   Ron Allison   Classic Pale Ale   English IPA   Midlands Craft Brewers
HM   Graeme Coates   Emerald   American IPA   Oxford Brewers

Bock (5 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Vladimir Kaznakov   Bock   Traditional Bock   
2nd   Rob Marchington   Bob's Your Dunkel   Traditional Bock   Cambridge Craft Brewers
3rd   Richard Caller   Bona Dea   Maibock/Helles Bock   Northern Craft Brewers

Scottish and Irish Ale (7 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Karl Clark   Claymore   Strong Scotch Ale   Northern Craft Brewers Association
2nd   Aled Murphy   Aittin 80/-   Scottish Export 80/-   Scottish Craft Brewers
3rd   Steven Crump   Start A War   Strong Scotch Ale   

German Wheat And Rye Beer (15 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Graeme Coates   Vital Signs   Weizenbock   Oxford Brewers
2nd   Steve Wright   KiWi-zen   Weizen/Weissbier   Northern Craft Brewer's Assoication
3rd   Ben Hislop   Hefe Schwartz   Dunkelweizen   Scottish Craft Brewers
HM   Richard Poole   Druid Fluid   Weizen/Weissbier   Bristol Craft Brewers

Smoke And Wood Aged Beer (16 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Paul Mills   Butt-head   Wood-Aged Beer   Primary Fermenters Brewers And Vintners Of Minnesota (eastern League)
2nd   Mike Tonks   Saxon Smokey Porter   Other Smoked Beer   Bristol Brewing Circle
3rd   Dave Halse   Mysmokedporter   Other Smoked Beer   London Amateur Brewers
HM   Bryan Spooner   Sadako Imperial Stout - Oaked   Wood-Aged Beer   London Amature Brewers (lab)

New Zealand Pale Ale (11 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Steve Syson   Kiwi Pale Ale   New Zealand Pale Ale   Midlands Craft Brewers
2nd   Mark Charlwood   Summer Pale   New Zealand Pale Ale   London Amateur Brewers
3rd   Ron Allison   Kiwi Gold   New Zealand Pale Ale   Midlands Craft Brewers

Spice Herb And Vegetable Beer (17 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Ken Bazley   Kulao Porter   Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer   London Amateur Brewers
2nd   Matt Bunn   Snapdragon   Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer   
3rd   Andrew Jardine   Bandit   Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer   Boohs
HM   Kieran Wall   Thackrey Stout   Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer   

Amber Hybrids (8 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Matthew Hicks   Ardley Easter   California Common Beer   
2nd   Tony Milner   Alt   Northern German Altbier   Boohs
3rd   Ken Bazley   Altbier   Northern German Altbier   London Amateur Brewers

Sour Ale, Fruit Beer (10 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Dave Halse   Mystrawraspb   Fruit Beer   London Amateur Brewers
2nd   Brett Ellis   Lambic   Straight (Unblended) Lambic   
3rd   Richard Caller   Rode Koe With Raspberry   Fruit Beer   Northern Craft Brewers
HM   Richard Caller   White Walls Raspberry   Fruit Beer   Northern Craft Brewers

Light Lager, Pilsner, European Amber Lager, Dark Lager (15 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Graeme Coates   Cauchy - Schwarz Inequality   Schwarzbier   Oxford Brewers
2nd   Graeme Coates   Notfest   Oktoberfest/Marzen   Oxford Brewers
3rd   Steve Syson   Goodnight Vienna   Vienna Lager   Midlands Craft Brewers
HM   Steve Syson   Schwarze Engel   Schwarzbier   Midlands Craft Brewers

English Brown Ale (5 entries)
Pl.   Brewer(s)   Entry Name   Style   Club
1st   Christopher Eyett   Andersons' Brown   Northern English Brown Ale   
2nd   Ian Ross-bain   Three Rivers   Northern English Brown Ale   Midlands Craft Brewers
3rd   Steve Crawshaw   Ask Jon Mild   Mild   Bristol Craft Brewers
HM   Paul Dodd   Pd's Nut Brown Ale   Northern English Brown Ale   

Will the results be posted? I didn't see a link on the web page.

They'll be posted once judging has happened. And they'll go out on twitter with the hashtag #uknhc

Looks like I'll be over in London for a few days at the end of the month for work. Guess I'm packing a few bottles in the suitcase to ship once I'm there. Sweet.


Dammit, had I paid attention to the top prize (assuming I have/had a chance) I would have done something a bit more Nogne style as in something slightly different.  Oh well, I am just hoping for some good results with what beers I send in.

It's not actually being judged by Nogne, so you just need to send us beer to judge....

September 15 2012 will see this years UK National Homebrew Competition.

The competition will be run using BJCP style guidelines for the second year running, with an added category for New Zealand Pale Ales.

The competition will be held at the St Werburghs Community Centre in Bristol. The competition will be judged on the day, with a separate hospitality area setup where homebrew may be sampled. Entrants should feel free to bring beer for sampling (in addition to judging), and may bring guests. Beer will only be consumed in 'festival' glasses, which all entrants will receive free on the day with additional glasses available for purchase. A social will follow judging at approximately 4pm, with the announcement of winners award of prizes and drawing of the raffle. It is anticipated that there will be food available on the day.

All entrants will receive score sheets and commentary prepared by judges recognized by the BJCP. Winners will be announced upon completion of the competition.

Eligibility: This competition is open to everyone. Entries must have been made at home. Those made in commercial establishments, including brew-on-premise establishments, are not eligible.

Categories: All beer, cider and mead will be judged as per the 2008 BJCP style guidelines. For full guidelines, go to:
Judges and competition organizers will not reclassify entries so please choose styles carefully. Styles may be collapsed and combined at the discretion of the competition organizers.

Entry fee: £6 first entry, £4 each additional entry. UK CBA members will receive a rebate for every third entry on confirmation of membership (i.e. 3 entries costs £14, but you get £4 back).
Online Registration only:
Paypal payment is preferable and can be made online, cheques will be accepted by arrangement with the competition organisers.

Entries: For each entry, the brewer must submit the following:
• A completed competition entry form, available online when you register;
• Two 330-568ml brown or green glass bottles. Bottles must be free of labels, and any other identifying marks must be blacked out. Bottles will not be returned. Bottles with engraved or embossed lettering should be avoided but are acceptable.
• Bottle labels, attached securely to each bottle with a rubber band. Labels secured by
tape, glue, or other means will result in a non-refundable disqualification.
• The appropriate fee, based on the total number of entries. Paypal or cheque only.

Entries should be submitted no earlier than 20 August 2021 and no later than 5:00 PM
on 7 September 2012. Register entries online at any time before 5pm on 7 September, at
For a full list of entry drop-off points, and our mail in location, go to the site (these will be updated).

Judging: Each entry will be judged by a panel of at least two judges, where possible with at
least one of whom has achieved a minimum rank of Recognized by the BJCP. The
first round of judging will determine the top three entries in each award category. Rosettes will be awarded for each of the top three entries in each category.
The first-place entry in each award category will then compete for Best of Show.

Rosettes and certificates will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category.
The 1st place in each category will then compete for Best of Show (BoS).
BoS prizes and ribbons will be awarded for1st, 2nd and 3rd place from the BoS judging.
Particpants from clubs will accrue points based on placings in categories (1st - 6; 2nd - 4; 3rd - 2; HM - 1). Those points will go towards the competition for the Club of the Year Trophy.

Large prizes will not be posted - the winner must be present.

Judges and stewards will be needed on the day (lunch provided). Please contact the organisers or register online.

More details at

The Pub / Re: song title game
« on: July 03, 2012, 10:05:24 PM »
Earth Song - Michael jackson

The Pub / Re: song title game
« on: July 03, 2012, 09:55:31 PM »
Elevator Song - Dubstar

The Pub / Re: song title game
« on: July 03, 2012, 09:26:35 PM »
What Time is Love - the KLF

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