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i just got an email from groupon about this:

I gave them a call and they seem to have a good selection of grain, hops, and yeast.  just thought i would share the good deal!

Equipment and Software / fermentation chamber performance
« on: September 16, 2011, 01:33:11 AM »
Ive recently completed a fermentation chamber build.  I build a box around a mini fridge such as this:

lined the box with 2 inch thick, r10 foam board, sealed all cracks with spray foam, then taped all joints/spray foam areas with aluminum tape.  The inside of the box measures 41 inches long, 26 inches wide, 29 inches tall on the inside.  It is temp controlled by a johnson controller.  I turned it on this morning and set the controller to 34 degrees to see how it would handle it.  About 9 hours later, i checked it and it was at 42 degrees.  I dont beleive it ever got down to 34.  Id like to crash cool around 34, but its looking like that wont be possible.  Is this about the normal limits of mini fridge builds like these?  Im just curious how others perform.  I don't currently have any fans in the chamber, think that would help to circulate the air?


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