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I was one of the lucky few AHA members to get through the Ticketmaster morass last week, and ended up with tickets for a couple of the sessions. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the Friday session, so I've got two tickets, which I will sell at face value ($130 total), plus the TM service charge ($3.50), plus the PayPal charge ($3.17)--the whole thing comes to $137.67.  I've heard a lot of horror stories about AHA members buying airline tickets and hotel rooms, only to be stuck without any tickets to the event, and I'd like to help a couple of those get to the event.  Since I don't want these to end up in the hands of scalpers, anyone interested in them will need to send the following to

1.   A copy of your CURRENT AHA membership card--please black out the membership number and everything beyond the first letter of your last name.
2.   A copy of a receipt for an airline ticket to Denver from your city of origin--again, please black out all personal information (other than the name, which should match the one on the membership card).

I will review all the e-mails I receive by 12:00 am EST on Wednesday morning, August 8 and randomly choose one that provides the required information.  The winning entry can handle the payment via PayPal.  Tickets are the Ticketfast print-outs, so I can either mail them to you or forward the .pdf file.

This is not a scam--I'm just trying to make sure that the tickets go to a fellow beer lover, and not someone who's out to profit from them. 

Classifieds / GABF TIckets (2) for all sessions
« on: September 10, 2011, 09:25:27 AM »
I have two sets of GABF tickets for all sessions (Thursday, Friday, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night)--was looking forward to my first event, but work issues are preventing me from going.  Will sell as a set only.  Please make offer to  Payment by PayPal only.

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