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Hmmm...I guess I'm just using Castle Rock, CO tap water.  I'll try some filtered water or bottled water, do you recommend using a brita or pur filter or just buying jugs of water at the store?  I guess that's part of the trial and error involved, but anything you've learned would be appreciated.  Much prefer to be able to do it filtering tap water, for the cost factor, but I do want a great beer, so if i have to go bottled, i'll go bottled.  Castle Rock water comes from ground sources, not reservoirs like many other places in CO, FWIW.

and yes, the yeasts and malts were different, London ESB vs. California Ale, and Gold (misspoke here) vs. Light for LMEs. 

Appreciate the suggestion, guess I'll order another ESB kit and try it with different water this time...probably go store bought just to completely change sources and try filtered next go round if that clears it up.  Come to think of it, my first batch was back in MD with store bought water and it was a damn good pale ale.  Should'a thought.


Ok, I'll probably get a few "duh"s from the subject, but after brewing about a half dozen extract kits from MoreBeer and Northern Brewer that have shipped with their light or pale extracts, I tend to get the same flavors out of it no matter what style or what types of steeping grains or hops I've used or the quantity.  I'm trying to place exactly if it's a defect in the flavor, but I can't find anything on the BJCP Score Sheet that exactly describes it and I'm at a loss for words as to what exactly the flavor is.  It's kind of sweet-ish, although these beers have both fermented for over a week in the primary and for 4+ weeks in the secondary before kegging.

I just recently brewed a MoreBeer Light Ale, a NB Chocolate Milk Stout (not using the chocolate flavoring--so more of a cream stout I suppose), and then a NB ESB.  For the Light Ale and the ESB I get a very similar flavor, although the Light Ale used 1.5 oz total of Cascade hops (.5 for 60, and 1 for 1 min), and the ESB used 2 oz Willamette for 60, 1oz Kent Goldings for 15 and another 1oz KG's for 1 min.  I understand hops are slightly different in alpha acids and what not, but I would suspect vastly different flavors out of these beers, but what I get are similar sweet-ish aftertastes and only slightly different hop profiles.

Am I doing something wrong?  As for the cream stout, it has none of the problems I'm detecting with the other ales, and is actually quite enjoyable, but when i sip the Cream Ale and ESB, I can't help but wonder what I did wrong.

Any suggestions or ideas?

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