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Homebrewer Bios / Re: Wasn't going to, but Denny made me!
« on: January 29, 2011, 11:49:25 PM »
Wow!  Good for you!  I wish I lived next door to y'all. 

Keep doing what you're doing!

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: I think I have a problem!
« on: January 24, 2011, 12:55:38 AM »
It's OK to shake your carboy/fermenter when it seems limp.  I do that sometimes. :)

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: totally random
« on: January 23, 2011, 11:25:36 PM »
Brewing for 18 years.  Obsessed, but not addicted. :)

Equipment and Software / Re: Software
« on: December 31, 2010, 09:28:26 PM »
On the other thread it mentioned qbrew on Linux, but didn't know if was on is, and that is what I use.  It is basic and free (both are pluses for me).

Yes, there is a qbrew installer for Windows.  It's basic, and totally free.

Equipment and Software / Re: Software
« on: December 31, 2010, 07:54:35 PM »

I didn't like that part much either.

I don't use it anymore, but I have a 5 gallon 240V electric element in a plastic bucket.  When I did use it years ago, I would unplug the dryer, and plug this beast in there with an extended piece of wire.  I just found I didn't like messing with it in the basement with all the extra moisture, cleaning, etc.

I did just run across this, if you have the inclination and cash:

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Running out of propane
« on: December 20, 2010, 08:11:45 PM »
I have 4 tanks, including the one on the grill.  I get them filled at the RV place.  Last time I got 3 filled for $33 bucks.  Much cheaper than the "exchange" type deals.

The Pub / Re: DVR questions
« on: December 03, 2010, 07:09:48 PM »
Good luck.  We just get over-the-air programming and just try and find a DVR that'll support that :(

I've been using Snapstream Beyond TV on my Windows machine hooked up to the TV for years now for over-the-air TV.  It supports many tuner cards with ATSC & QAM.  The guide is free, and there are no monthly fees.  Netflix looks really good this way also.

Ingredients / Re: New bulk grain supplier
« on: November 30, 2010, 11:42:30 PM »
I'd like to see an "About Us" section on their website...unless I'm totally missing it.  

Ditto.  Can't trust a website without a physical address, even if they are really legit.

I'll check it again tomorrow to see if they add this information with phone #, address, etc.

Equipment and Software / Re: 8 Gallon SS Brew Kettle
« on: November 20, 2010, 03:40:19 PM »

Might want to check this one...

...basically the same pot for ~$100 with free shipping.

That's the one I have.  It looks just like the AHB one.  If AHB called it an "Update International SPS-40", then you could easily google it and find it cheaper.  Instawares sells the 20 gallon for $159 shipped.  My LHBS sells an Update brand SS pot also.

The Pub / Re: My apartment smells funny
« on: November 18, 2010, 08:40:54 PM »
Your kitchen or bathroom sink drain or garbage disposal.  Sometimes our drains get a mildewy smell, and I use the two part drain cleaner stuff that foams to get it all gone.

Your carpet.  Get down there & smell it.

The walls.

Your neighbor(s), current & former.

Your ductwork, if any.

All Things Food / Re: Try the new non dairy Almond Milk!
« on: October 29, 2010, 07:14:28 PM »
You can make some yourself.  Sugar is optional.

For example:

OR / Re: Eugene OR - Cascade Brewers Society at Oakshire Brewing
« on: October 20, 2010, 03:48:56 PM »
And the date?

All Things Food / Re: Ethnic and Regional Cooking
« on: September 27, 2010, 11:56:59 PM »
I'll have to try that way to make rice italian style!

I make my basmati and jasmine rice in the microwave since I found out how with a recipe from the cookbook "Moghul Microwave".

Take cups of rice & water, 1 cup rice to 2 cups water ratio, in a microwave dish with a dash of salt.  Cook, uncovered 15-18 minutes on high, or until most of the water is evaporated or absorbed.  Cover and cook on high 4 minutes more.  Fluff with a fork.  I have done this many, many times.  I have only cooked 2 cups of rice at a time this way.

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