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Events / Re: Parking at NHC?
« on: February 18, 2013, 01:16:49 PM »
Parking near the Hotel is pretty steep just about anywhere. The garage right behind the hotel is 6 bucks per 1/2 hour. In relation to taking the train, 30th street station is about 18 or so blocks from the hotel...Take a cab it is a long walk. For those that don’t know Philly Suburban Station is closer but still a hefty walk. Some parking Suggestions. You can park at the airport and take the light rail. I am pretty sure is stops at both 30 street and Market Rail east stations the latter the closer to the hotel. Now for near by food. Directly across the street from the hotel entrance on Filbert street is the Reading Market Terminal. Some of Philly food at its best. The Hard Rock cafe is located on the 13th and market street side of the hotel. There are plenty of good restaurants within in a short walk.

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