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Pimp My System / My Brutus System
« on: May 11, 2012, 03:33:05 PM »
Here is my Brutus 10 System I built...I found a guy on craigslist to weld up the stand to my specs.  and pretty much kept to the plans.  I polished the barrels myself. took about a day apiece...Since i live in a 900 sq ft apartment and this is in my kitchen I wanted it to look like  it belonged this point I don't have the luxury of brewing in a garage or outdoors..

The polished keggles make for easy clean up too...

The frame is carbon steel and I painted it with high temp black header paint and it has held up very well...I brew about three times a month on it...

It took a little bit of getting use to brewing on this compared to my old system.  and I been brewing on it since Jan. 2012 and I am still fine tuning it...but the pumps make it nice....

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