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The Pub / Re: New Movie Game Thread
« on: June 23, 2014, 09:41:10 PM »
Rain Man in the Iron Mask

I've worn that mask so long I don't feel safe without it because I got it at KMart.  I'm an excellent horse rider.

The Pub / Re: Movie Quote Game
« on: June 23, 2014, 08:19:52 PM »
(yes, the Shining)

What we have here is a failure to communicate!

Just last year I brewed a porter that had one of the most prolific phenolic off-flavors I ever tasted.  The batch had a blowoff but I hadn't been watching it for a few days.  When I finally checked on it, it had gooey and dried up yeast everywhere.  I cleaned that up but obviously not well enough, and a wild yeast took over.  I fermented it out and bottled it and used some to teach a few BJCP classes, but dumped the rest.

I couldn't have doctored a more distinct off flavor if I tried.  It was awful.

1.038 out of a 12 lb grain bill for 5 gallons is pretty low.  at 70% efficiency you should be seeing roughly 1.060. 

What was your exact final volume?  If you ended with 7 gallons instead of five,
1.060 *  5/7 ~= 1.042, which is in the ballpark if you are sending 6 to your fermenter and you still pull out a gallon of hops and trub.

1) More specifics - Batch sparge?  If so, how many rinses?
2) Fly sparge? how fast?
3) Other technique like BIAB?  Did you sparge at all?

Beer Recipes / Re: IPA thoughts
« on: June 20, 2014, 10:21:46 PM »
There's a lot of overlap in the two styles, but I generally consider less caramel, higher OG, and higher bitterness (1:1 or even higher BU:GU) to be more representative of IPA and lower gravity, lower bitterness (.66:1 BU:GU) and a bit more caramel & ester presence to be more representative of APA.  This is just in general as there are always exceptions that still fit.

The thing I don't really like so much is the recent emergence of those cloying, over-caramelly, over-hopped "India Amber Ales" (my name for them, I've never actually seen one named like that, but that's what they all taste like).  Blech.

The Pub / Re: Movie Quote Game
« on: June 20, 2014, 10:02:43 PM »
Top Gun

Give that man a cigar and a blow torch to light it with!

The Pub / Re: Movie Quote Game
« on: June 20, 2014, 08:30:37 PM »
Home Alone

Truth hurts. Maybe not as much as jumping on a bicycle with a seat missing, but it hurts.

The Pub / Re: Movie Quote Game
« on: June 20, 2014, 07:43:57 PM »

The Toxic Avenger

"You're talking all wrong.  It's the wrong tone.  Do it again I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron."

Also, a touch of caramunich can turn your Weissbier into an AmberWeizen that is very appealing to the masses and just as thirst quenching.  This works for American wheat too.
In a similar vein, try an Altbier instead of a Kolsch.

The key is don't let the caramel get out of hand.  A half pound of crystal /caramunich 40L in 5 gallons is enough to make the difference.  Keep the pH on the lower end for a more refreshing, thirst quenching beer.

(Irish Red is another thirst quencher that is readily acceptable to the masses.)

Homebrew Competitions / Re: Ninkasi
« on: June 17, 2014, 01:34:51 PM »
The saddest thing about the limits is that we had so many sites that didn't even come close to capacity.

Beer Recipes / Re: IPA Recipe
« on: June 16, 2014, 06:12:46 PM »
I'd just replace it with either more base malt, munich, or melanoidan.
Love the hop blends - great way to get lots of hop complexity.
Looks good!

RDWHAHB  It'll be fine. 
The yeast will normally just sink like that and it usually takes a few hours before there are visible signs of fermentation.  They don't start fizzing and foaming as soon as they touch wort.

Also, no, you didn't overpitch.  In fact, most home brewers will take a vial (or smack pack)
and make a starter to grow more yeast cells and then pitch that.


General Homebrew Discussion / Re: New to brewing and I need help!
« on: June 15, 2014, 10:56:28 AM »
In addition to all the good advice in this thread, the biggest lesson you need to learn is that yeast work on their own schedule, not yours.  Give them all the time they need to finish up their jobs.  Your job is to provide them the right environment for them to do so.   They will, as long as you give them the sanitary environment, enough oxygen up front, the right temperature, and enough time.  They will then reward your patience with a delicious beer!  My point is that rushing a beer will usually result in one that's mediocre at best.  They yeast continue to work their magic even after the krausen (foam that forms during fermentation) falls.  This is the time for the patience, as it LOOKS like they are done, but they aren't.

Good luck and keep coming back to this forum any time you have a question.  We all were newbies once.


General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Study Handouts for BJCP Online Exam
« on: June 15, 2014, 10:17:26 AM »
I really like these.
Randy's at NHC right now, but I think we could use them on the BJCP site (with your permission of course).
Would you be willing to send me the source docs?


The Pub / Re: Movie Quote Game
« on: June 12, 2014, 03:37:45 PM »
Roman Holiday

"It wasn't the handle! I've been *&^%ing pancakes ever since! "

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