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Equipment and Software / Re: Beer Engine Set-up
« on: April 14, 2010, 08:52:19 PM »
You're right, my deepest apologies to the fine female brewers in our community.  I hope my unintentional lack of consideration hasn't offended.
I picked mine up through Ebay UK for less than $100 delivered.
I have also ordered a cask breather to hook up to my CO2 to avoid oxidation and prolong the shelf life of the beer.

I'm still searching for set-up help though...........

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Equipment and Software / Beer Engine Set-up
« on: April 14, 2010, 02:53:41 PM »
I've recently picked up an almost brand new Angram beer engine and can't wait to set it up.  The problem I have is that I'm a little unsure on how to proceed.
I have a full size fridge that I've converted to a kegerator holding (4) cornies complete with my Perlick taps on the side.  In looking at the engine a little harder, it obviously is designed to clamp to a bar top with the feed hoses coming up from the cellar.
Considering my standard set up, I'm looking for help in determining how to incorporate the engine into what I have or on how to set it up without having a bar top and cask cellar to work with.

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Yeast and Fermentation / Culturing Yeast From Commercial Bottle
« on: April 06, 2010, 11:03:09 AM »
I'm about to try culturing yeast from the leftover stuff in the bottom of an Orval bottle and I'm a little confused on where to start.
I've read a bit and there seems to be two methods that everyone follows: 1) Create a yeast slant or agar plate using traditional methods and create a starter in the usual format or 2) Simply swirl the last ounce or so of the beer in the bottle capturing the cloudy part and pitch straight into the starter.
From what I've read, it may take 3-4 days to get the starter going using the straight pitch method but it seems to be less hassle.
I'd really appreciate hearing what has worked best for everyone else.

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