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Ingredients / Re: Post your water report
« on: April 16, 2010, 07:01:38 PM »
Tap Water Profile for Jacksonville, FL (Beach Blvd and Hodges) based on average from 9 JEA source well water samples taken on 11/2009. 
(Well pumps used were Ridenour #1-5, 7 and Southeast #1-3; information supplied by JEA Environmental Scientist, B.S. Albritton,

Alkalinity as Bicarbonate (ppm)          139.3
Alkalinity as Carbonate (ppm)               0.0
Alkalinity Total (ppm)                      139.3
Calcium (ppm)                                 70.3
Chloride (ppm)                                 21.7
Magnesium (ppm)                             31.0
pH                                                   7.0
Sodium (ppm)                                  15.8
Sulfate (ppm)                                 152.9
Total Hardness as CaCO3  303.0

Estimated Residual Alkalinity              63.55   (using RA = KH – GH/4)
Actual Residual Alkalinity                   46.0    (Using “Mash Residual Alkalinity Adjustment Worksheet Version 2.5 (US Units)
                                                                     by John Palmer, 2008.”)
Chloride to Sulfate Balance               Very Bitter

Richard T

P.S.  IMO, the tap water tastes horrible, and the water softener water tastes even worse.  Only dark and bitter brews can be done with this profile, and even then, they are very astringent and harsh (despite running the JEA tap water through the activated charcoal filter to remove the chloramines beforehand).  To brew good beers in Jacksonville, one must use water calculators (I use BeerSmith), significant percentages of distilled water (50-100%), and salt additions (Calcium Chloride, in particular) if a balanced or malty beer profile is desired.

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