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General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Blowout into the airlock
« on: January 26, 2011, 08:35:41 PM »
Wow ............... seems like the 6 1/2 gal bucket is right. What yeast did you pitch?  How much of it did you pitch? What was the temperature of the wort when you pitched?


We do both First Wort hops and "0" Min hops at flame out. We can only offer our observations as we don't spend the money to have our beer or our hops analyzed.

First wort hops seem to bring hop flavor into the beer even though it is later boiled. We often hear (read) that you can't taste bittering hops. We feel you can definately taste First worted hops. We have never precieved an aroma from First Worted hops. Since we don't have analysis done we accept the commonly published 10% boost to the bittering IBU's.

"0" Minuit or Flame Out hops. This is easy to do. We don't worry about rushing to the chiller as long as we stay 160*F+ and keep it covered, there is little risk of contamination. In fact the Austrailian Brew In A Bag folks never chill. The just put it in a covered container and let it sit overnight. We add our flame out hops to the hop bag and let them steep for 20 min. We definatly can get the Aroma effects, second, some of the hop oils stay on your lips for a few seconds after a drink. The taste is great and the preception of breathing in the hop is a very nice addition. Again since we don't analyze, we just assume no addition to IBU.

Summary  1st wort does add flavor, no aroma, and 10% boost to bittering IBU. Flame out adds a very interesting flavor and aroma effect. We assume no additional IBU.


We use the shower head method. We removed the shower head and installed a 1/2" NPT female to 3/4" male hose thread fitting on the shower stub. We then put a 1/2" NPT male to 3/4" hose thread female fitting in the shower head. This way we can easily remove the shower head when need the tub for brew things and put it back when we are done.

This is very handy!! We put a 6 foot 1/2 white Marina hose on the stub and normal squeeze trigger nozzle on the free end to do all of our clean up. You have all the hot/cold water you need and a tub to catch the mess!  We did put a simple hose shut off on the hose ahead of the nozzle so we can remove the nozzle without turning off the water. 

For chilling, we use a plate chiller and a wort wizard vortex pump on the outlet. The set up is easy. We put a shelf across the end of the tub, we put a milk create on the shelf. We use bungee cords to hold the chiller on the side of the milk create faceing the tub.  We put a shower mat on the floor of the tub and set the fermenter in the tub close to the chiller. Hook it all up and your chilling and aerateing the wort in one operation ---- Mess free!

Hope this helps


All Grain Brewing / Re: SS mesh vs false bottom
« on: May 02, 2010, 03:30:57 PM »
We have used a screen tube, and the mesh.  We prefer the mesh for all ofthe reasons stated above.
The best for us how quickly the wort clears when recirculateing and we have never had a stuck lauter.

We do only batch spargeing. We always sparge in two batches. Our 3rd runing is usually 1.014 to 1.015


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