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Possibly brewing a Doppelsticke to pour on the yeast cake from my Northern German Alt (Wyeast German Ale 1007) brewed Saturday before last. Might even step it up to a 10 gallon batch, as I have the capacity for it (SS Keggles, Mash Tun, Boil Pot). I've brewed this twice in the past 6 months, scored 42 @ the FOAM Cup in Tulsa, so its a pretty good recipe. The follow-up batch has been entered into the Bluebonnet Brewoff, but I was unable to register my brews for the NHC due to all of the problems they encountered. Maybe next year.....

Events / Re: NHC 2013 Entry Problems - Possible Solutions?
« on: March 04, 2013, 02:15:42 PM »
I think those are good suggestions for better managing the process.

However, it may be time to create a tiered competition structure where you have to qualify to enter the NHC.

That way if you are looking for just feedback, you use a local competition, working your way up to "fame" at the NHC.

That way, there would be less collisions at the NHC level. Most competitive events have this type of structure.

For instance, not everyone can enter the olympics directly, if they are fast on their ipad. Although, if they did the Olympics would be a whole lot more fun to watch.

Good luck to those that made it in.

I would agree that you should have to qualify at certain event (s) to qualify for this competition, just as you do for MCAB. This would set the entry limit by use of designated competitions, and would further add to the quality of the brews entered. I haven't read the entire string of posts, so sorry if I am being redundant here.

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