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there's an overhead roof just outside of the garage door so no worries with inclement weather.  it's a given that it will suck outside in the cold with the garage door open, but it will be a price i will have to pay.  maybe i'll have to pull the brew rig up to the garage door and not go outside.  to go electric with elements, control panels, exhaust hoods and permits, potential for scorching, cleaning elements, very limited electrical experience and everything else that goes with it i'd rather stick with what i'm comfortable with.  propane costs will be the least of my worries.  over time there will be definite conveniences added, but i need to see if it's even worth my time.  right now the overhead is very reasonable and the demand may very well make it at least profitable.  at the very least it will be a good learning experience to live and grow by. 

there are numerous breweries in the area (within 30miles) doing legit 10 gallon breweries on Sabco systems that i can't believe are turning a profit, but somehow they are with staff and all.  possibly the "best" brewery in town is doing 1 bbl batches and is doing really well.  i'm hoping to have even half their success.  considering i have a 2 bbl system and can double their capacity hopefully i will be so lucky.  it sounds ridiculous but it is true.  if i can sell out of beer then i can consider this a success and will consider expanding or at least adding some conveniences.  if not, well, then you can all say i told you so....  time will tell.  5/5 will be the "condition use permit" town committee determination so if that doesn't happen then nothing will for the time being. 

Hopefully I will not have to deal with many of the listed reasons for huge increases in start-up.  After things get moving it may be a different story.  I will be occupying a building that's currently a wine bar, so many of the necessary items are already present.  There's even a floor drain in the brewing area!  Not saying the pitch is correct but it's a good start.  The place has a bar, double sink with dishwasher for glass ware, looks really nice in the "taproom" area and I have most all the equipment for the 2 bbl system.  Ramps for handicap access are present so compliance with the ADA looks good.  The only problem is there's no natural gas in the building so I'll have to continue using propane and brew just outside the garage door that's there.  Hopefully that isn't going to be a problem since with all the other costs going electric won't really be feasible.  At least I won't need an exhaust hood or any ventilation items.  The town is small and it seems like they really want a brewery to be able to tap into the huge craft beer market in Asheville.  Even the town Mayor who also works for the County said he'll do all he can to make sure all goes well.  Having the township on my side is a huge relief!!  The rest of the brewing community has also been a huge help with figuring out the costs for liability insurance, tax questions, TTB paperwork questions, and other logistics that have me scratching my head.  As long as I can get the Conditional Use Permit approved by the town committee for manufacturing alcohol I should be in good shape.

Do the plans and 2D CAD drawings need the raised seal by an engineer?  If so that will be a cost I didn't anticipate...

Going Pro / Doubling/Tripling your estimated start-up costs. Where?
« on: March 24, 2014, 12:26:19 AM »
Hey all!  For years I've been researching the nano dream.  It would be a nano with a taproom to sell everything retail and little, if any, self distribution.  After reading/researching, emailing people in the biz and just getting a handle on all facets of the business everyone says to double or triple your initial investment expectations.  My question is: where are the major hiccups where I can expect to have to double or triple my finances.  Where are people hitting the big roadblocks where more money is needed?  I'm sure the answer will vary, but are there any unanimous answers to this question??  Places that are more suspect than any others?  I am confident that I have a good handle on things, but with the majority repeating the same thing it worries the hell out of me...  Any good advice out there on the areas to expect the major source of headaches?  Thanks in advance :)

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