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Events / Big Brew day 5/3/2014 scaling up regal pale ale
« on: March 09, 2014, 10:23:51 PM »
Hello I want to participate in the big brew for national homebrew day in may as it happens to land on my birthday and I have invited a good number of my friends to brew a beer with me. I found a brewpub that offers brew on site events and want to use the regal pale ale recipe that day. When you brew on site you make a 1/2 barrel which is 15 gallons-a standard keg sized batch on thier equipment with ingredients/recipes they provide or you can make a custom recipe.

Can I just hand them the 5 gallon recipe (regal pale ale) for extract or all grain and ask to triple all the ingredients for a 15 gallon batch or is there some calculation I need to do on brewing software?

If I choose to go all grain how much time should I set aside for this event. It'll be my first time trying AG but I have read and watched a lot of youtube videos on the process.

Thanks for the help. here is a link to the recipe page

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