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The Pub / More Band News for MD Craft Beer Fans?
« on: October 09, 2018, 05:14:15 PM »

While a find the article to have a bit of a distopian outlook on the situation, it does give some insight into just how bad things are getting here...and how that ilk may spread.

Commercial Beer Reviews / Re: Sierra Nevada/ Weihenstephan Oktoberfest
« on: October 05, 2018, 02:41:15 PM »
It's looking like I'm not going to be trying this beer...when we finally got it on shelves here it was already 10 weeks past the packaging date.  >:(

On that note, we FINALLY got the Guinness Anniversary beer on know, the one they brewed LAST FALL to celebrate 100 years of Guinness in America...

Hop Growing / Re: Hydroponic hops vernalization
« on: August 20, 2018, 02:31:14 AM »
I can't answer your question, but I can say they my hops are in flower pots and have survived -10oF over the winter. I wouldn't be phased by throwing a crown into a freezer.

Yeast and Fermentation / Re: Back from a close call
« on: August 20, 2018, 02:06:47 AM »
Glad to hear you're still with us Sacch.

Equipment and Software / Re: 3-piece ball valve alternatives
« on: August 08, 2018, 10:51:04 AM »

The Pub / Re: Do you think this is a good deal?
« on: August 08, 2018, 02:10:58 AM »
Fresh Newcastle? Or stale on the shelf for a year like most of what's found in the US?

All Things Food / Re: Durable Food Processor?
« on: July 22, 2018, 08:18:33 PM »
I've had extremely good luck with the Cuisinart model recommended by America's Test Kitchen

Same. It's robust, work very well, and is simple enough to be repaired if anything minor goes wrong.

Commercial Beer Reviews / Re: Yuengling Golden Pils
« on: July 13, 2018, 01:54:49 PM »
Yuengling Golden Pils is no German Pils, but it is very refreshing.

+1, though to me sazz => Czech rather than German. It's a nice saaz pils, but it's not a Czech pils. Doesn't have to be though, and they make no claims that it is.

Seems to be popular, I'm having a hard time finding it now.

Commercial Beer Reviews / Re: Yuengling Golden Pils
« on: July 07, 2018, 03:18:33 AM »
Thanks for the timely tip, Phil!  Cooling off (trying to at least) with one right now.  "Saaz-y," yes, some spicy malt background, crisp and dry -- in this weather, at this price, I can't complain.  (Recalls a memory of Moosehead back in the day when it had a big hop nose.)  I'll have another, please.

Glad you enjoyed it.

I'm pretty tickled by this beer. A nice mini Saaz bomb pils that's under 5% abv and less than $14 a twelve pack. Seems to be selling well in my area, but then all beer is hard to keep on the shelves in summer here.

Except all the stale SNPA and craft IPAs. Sam Adams, Yuelging, BMC, Heineken, Guinness, etc. are what get a little scarce.

Commercial Beer Reviews / Yuengling Golden Pils
« on: July 03, 2018, 04:37:36 PM »
Yes, I know, some snobs still claim Yuengling isn't craft. Whatever.

I'm pleasantly surprised by this beer. It's not low O2, so don't buy it expecting that. However, it is all malt, and quite saaz-y. It's quickly become a favorite. Hoppier than most standard Euro-Pils beers, but not quite as hoppy as Pilsner Urquell. Awesome in the MD humidity.

The Pub / Re: Compact fluorescent bulbs
« on: July 03, 2018, 04:33:58 PM »
I despise CFLs. Bad for the environment, stupidly flickery, they're just trash IMO.

I skipped clean over CFLs and went straight from incandescent to LED. Sylvania makes pricier bulbs, but they seem to not "spotlight" as bad as cheaper bulbs. We've almost entirely converted the house to LED, just the bathroom mirror lights left. (Those are $$$ to replace with LED.)

The Pub / Re: Yogurt Whey into booze
« on: June 01, 2018, 05:26:11 PM »
The lactose intolerant community is going to love this.

As someone who's lactose intolerant, let's keep dairy out of traditional non-dairy things. I'm OK with not being able to have milk stouts, I'm no OK with someone boosting a beer and not saying anything about it.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Reusing RO wastewater.
« on: May 30, 2018, 12:07:14 AM »
I wonder if you could use it for a gray water application like car washing

No! No no no no! Better a dirty car than hard water deposits stuck to the clear coat, IMO. They look terrible, and the only way I've found to get them off is claying. Better to find a better gray water application.

Usually I'm just giddy about the fact that the airlock hasn't been shot across the closet and krausen/barm isn't billowing out of the top of the fermentation vessel...

Yeast and Fermentation / Re: 1.024 FG
« on: May 27, 2018, 07:54:38 PM »
beer tastes good, but no carb yet.  calibrated hydrometer, all is correct - 0% reading in water on the line.  I rehydrated the yeast because I was getting mixed results by just dumping in the dry yeast.  Maybe I'll go back to that.  I sloshed the fermenter around to awaken some yeast and will wait another week to see what happens.  Will let you know.

I asked how it tastes because I tend to have the opposite issue with beer finishing "too" low. However, the beer was all fine, and my friends all enjoyed it. My take away was that if the beer is fine it's more important to have things be repeatable than to hit the "right" numbers.

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