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All Grain Brewing / Re: So, how long to do a 5 gallon all-grain batch?
« on: August 21, 2011, 06:30:45 AM »
Hey Gang! Don't forget the clean up time...


StarSan works for me to remove any scale buildup from soaking in oxyclean, the acid dissoves any buildup.


Zymurgy / Re: Pilsner Urquell triple decoction
« on: July 12, 2011, 04:43:09 PM »

Thank you for your response and checking into this matter.This clarifies things greatly. I wouldn't have been so concerned normally; since it was the cover story for the issue it really had me scratching my head.

Thank you to all that responded for your assistance and passion for brewing.

It's my day off from the restaurant...time to dough in...


Zymurgy / Re: Pilsner Urquell triple decoction
« on: July 12, 2011, 06:17:27 AM »

Now it seems like there is a lack of communication in the process of producing the journal. While I understand that there is a 3 month time lag between "putting an issue to bed" and printing and distibution to the membership, I'm am concerned that there are some fact checking issues that may or may not be addressed. THAT was the point I was going toward.

Jill, my apologies for showting as I did not understand you were on a well desreved break, especially after NHC.

Oh, Gordon...huh...?!?! Perhaps you did not get this copy for your review. I cannot believe this might get past your scrutiny.

To the editorial staff, I am freely volunteering my services as a proofreader for the magazine going forward. If I am able to catch this perhaps there are other things that may be reviewed.


Zymurgy / Re: Pilsner Urquell triple decoction
« on: July 11, 2011, 07:56:58 AM »
After reading Gordon Strong's book I would tend to disagree with you. My original question was as to whether the original mash volume was accurate for a tripple decotion. This was based on what I read as Gordons description of the decotion process for pilsner beers. Having not personally done a decotion mash I would reserve judgement untill I try the process for myself.

That being said, I would have to take the editors and copy reviewers to task for not accurately fact checking their writers information before publishing.Since the SAME GROUP PUBLISHES MR. STRONG'S BOOK I REQUEST YOU GET YOU ACT TOGETHER.

My apologies for shouting but there was a definate lack of attention from the editors of the ...ahem..."journal".

The credibility of the organization takes a nose dive when the basic science of what is reported as fact does not make sense.

This was the intention of my original question.

I'm a bit concerned that it did not get their attention.


Zymurgy / Pilsner Urquell triple decoction
« on: June 30, 2011, 06:14:43 PM »
Here's a simple question about mash volume for the triple decoction formula on page 36 of the latest Zymurgy. The mash in formula listed in the magazine is ALMOST 24 GALLONS for a 5 gallon batch. That's 11 quarts water per pound of grain!?!?! Should this be 3.775 gallons instead?

Is this a typo or what?


Homebrew Clubs / Re: Virtual Homebrew Clubs And Competition
« on: June 23, 2011, 07:46:20 AM »
Here is what I posted on the BN forums, take it for what you will...

Lets take a step back for a moment and take a look around us, notice how there has been a fundamental shift in amateur brewing? Many years ago the only way to learn about the hobby was to buy Charley P's book or join a local club or know someone who did it or a newsletter composed on an old IBM Selectric...get it?

Then the computer bulletin board came into vogue, tying up telephone lines all over the country while the geeks among us spent hours writing columns and memos and the newest thing, e-mails, to each other to try to learn more about brewing. the Homebrew Digest came into being and still has many resources to this day.

John Palmer learned about brewing and decided to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for the rest of us to follow, with the coming of the World Wide Web wrote "How To Brew" and gave us a context to figure out the technical details with his nomegraphs and instructions on basic brewing. This too has stood the test of time.

Justin Crosley figured out a way to blend his passions, radio and beer, with his shows on San Francisco radio. When that was too constraining, he created a podcast and with the help of family and many friends, Jon Plise, Jason Petros, Scott Lothamer, created an concept called the Brewing Network, using this new idea called pod-casting and internet radio, where people were not constrained by the barriers of time and distance. His knowledge and talent for communications brought the brewing community past the tipping point; now anyone who cared to could learn about this craft from many modern masters. Who would have known of Jamil Zainacheff if it wasn't for Jon Plise and Justin?

So here we are today, on the leading edge of a new opportunity of amateur and craft brewing. Let those who have ears to hear and the foresight to understand that the genies out of the bottle, so to speak, and that groups of people can come together for a common goal and enjoy the pleasures of each others company without having to actually be in the same room, or town, or time zone. Seems to me that a bunch of folks made a decision a year ago after NHC2010 to become club of the year no matter what, with or without the help of anyone else but our own fellowship. Guess what? THEY DID IT!

Can't take it back now...

Brew better beer,

So, here's my question regarding bottle conditioning...

If I were to filter my beer to brilliant before dosing with corn sugar for bottling, how can I figure out how much yeast to add back to the batch to bottle condition my beer. I don't have a kegging set up, nor a proper lab set up, and I would like to filter my brews for additional clarity, but in doing so I would be afraid of stripping out the yeast so the bottles wouldn't carbonate properly. Whats a brewer to do?


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