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All Grain Brewing / water to grain ratio for mashing
« on: March 29, 2015, 09:54:53 AM »
What is the standard water to grain ratio for all grain mashing  . Gallons of water to lbs of grain.

All Grain Brewing / Use of ph meter during mash
« on: October 20, 2013, 11:11:19 PM »
5.2 to 5.5 is a good ph for mashingI. But is this at mash temp of 150 or room temp.I use a ph meter and use it at room temp,I have read you have to  adjust ph by .3 ph from the mash temp.Does this mean if i have a reading of 5.7 at room temp my mash Ph is 5.4 at 150 degrees and correct. Or does this mean my mash Ph is  .3ph to high.This is very confusing since I heard this a couple of years ago.

I am always having trouble with login.I get locked out trying to log in on multiple tries.they should not have this feature.I just found out that my password for login on the asso. is different then the forum.why would your password be different.This makes no sense.If these issues can not be changed I would like to be logged in all the time .Is this possible.The forum has been very difficult to use and of no value.Will they ever bring back Brew Talk Email,i never had problems with this and it came to me,I miss it.  Steve Dohm

I am having a lot of trouble using this forum.I don't use a computer every day.The help section was no help it must of been set up by a computer guy.. I received more help on how to use this from someone's advice on one of the last  Aha tech talks. The help section needs to be improved. Definitions of terms used in help section. Also this is very complicated for some one who just gets e mails. There seem to be alot of different things this site can do that's why it seems complicated. The help section should explain from 1 to 20 what this site can do and how to do it. All I want it to do is group all messages in a daily date they come in, so on sat or sun i can go thru by day the whole week. It seems like every time i go to a certain board it says no unread topics since my last visit. I have not been on it for a week I hit mark messages as read and there is all kinds of messages that came in during the week. No where do i see read new messages which i think would be better than mark messages.I am spending to much time trying to use this forum instead of brewing. By the way what's a child's board?

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