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General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Storing Crushed Grains
« on: December 23, 2009, 08:20:04 PM »
Sweet.  Thanks for all the tips!

General Homebrew Discussion / Storing Crushed Grains
« on: December 23, 2009, 04:52:13 PM »
How long can you store crushed grains without ill effects?  I have 3# of specialty grains each in separate bags that are gonna have to hold off for at least a month.  I don't have a vacuum sealer.  Will they be OK?  TIA and Merry Christmas everyone!

That would seem most logical.  I'm gonna do some split batches of the kit in the future, 1 at higher temps (indoor) 1 at normal temps (basement).  Glad I have a concrete basement, I've been monitoring temps down there for the last month and half now and temp has been pretty much a steady 60 degrees.  Not sure what winter is gonna do though.

Yeah I kinda figured this was an off-chance occurrence, I suppose the beer gods took pity on it being my "return from a long hiatus" brew,  I am going to try some smaller half batches fermented a bit too warm though.  For what it's worth, I always wait and pitch at the fermenting temp.

No, note that I said the longer boil had worse head retention.  Both kits were exactly the same, Northern Brewer's Cream Ale Extract kit with Wyeast 1056 (no starters).

6# LME
.75# Brumalt
.25# Biscuit Malt
1oz Cluster at 60

That's it, pretty simple as far as kits go.  Maybe my tastebuds are a little different than most, but I enjoyed the 76 degree ambient fermentation brew over the 60 degree ambient.  The 76 had a little something that the 60 was lacking, not just head.

Throughout the years I've had something that really irks me, which is inconsistent head retention.  Some batches would have what I would call a "prize winning head" and others just little to no head upon pour.  I've brewed two Cream Ale extract kits in the last two months.

First kit - The first I used a cheap hotplate which I rewired to bypass the thermostat so it stays on as long as it's plugged in.  This thing takes an hour to bring 1.5 gallons of water to a boil.  I steeped specialty grains for about 30 minutes until the temp hit 168.  When boiling commenced, I added the hops and boiled for 30 minutes then added the 6# LME.  After 45 minutes when the boil finally returned, I boiled for 15 minutes then added to fermenter which already contained most of my top off water.  This beer had immaculate head, great lacing, tasted awesome.  (This kit fermented at an ambient of 76)

Second kit - This time I tried out my new turkey fryer.  2 gallons of water in kettle this time (I don't have a chiller yet).  Steeped grains for 30 minutes at 150, raised heat and removed them at 168.  Brought to boil.  Added 6# LME.  Returned to boil, added hops, boiled for an hour, added to fermenter per my norm.  The head on this was pretty much non-existent.  (This batch fermented at an ambient of 60)

Both batches primed with 4oz corn sugar.  Has anyone else had any experiences like this?  My thoughts comparing the two is that boiling the extract longer is what may have caused the lack of head retention.  Opinions most welcomed!

All Grain Brewing / Re: Lower ABV, Same Taste - Possible?
« on: November 29, 2009, 03:18:54 AM »
Thanks for all the tips, this will give me plenty of experimentation to do   ;D

All Grain Brewing / Lower ABV, Same Taste - Possible?
« on: November 26, 2009, 04:02:42 PM »
Hey all, seemed like a good starting point for my first post here, so here we go!:

I made an experimental wheat beer a few weeks ago and I really like the way it came out (allbeit a little too much cascade for flavoring), but after having just two I pretty much have to cut myself off (heck I'm only 5'7" and 135 pounds).  Same with my Cream Ales that I love (at least I can enjoy three of those at a sitting).

So I was wondering if it were possible if going all grain, to maybe mash at a higher temp for less fermentables, but hop a little higher to balance the sweetness, to try and achieve near the same flavor but with at least somewhat less alcohol?

Thanks for any input, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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