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Pimp My System / My all electric brewing system
« on: February 16, 2010, 07:40:41 PM »
I have recently completed my brewing system. It is a single tier, three vessel system. The boil kettle is powered by a 5500 watt element, and controlled by PWM circuit with a dial that I made. The Heat exchanger is powered by a 1500 watt element and controlled by a PID controller. I have created a flow manifold on the front to control where the flow from my pump is going. I incorporated an electric ball valve on the output of the pump to control flow for recirculation. I tried to keep the profile small and compact and in doing so used a hard plumbing concept with quick release camlock fittings to make it easy to remove the vessels for cleaning. Here is my baby.

You can see my entire build thread on

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