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General Homebrew Discussion / Is a good, low ABV IPA possible?
« on: June 27, 2010, 02:04:59 AM »
I've been asked by a friend who wants to open an establishment that would offer good, low ABV IPAs for those who don't want or can't handle the big percentages most IPAs and Double IPAs have.

We live in Santa Rosa, CA, and have been regulars at Vinnie Cilurzo's Russian River Brewing Company since it opened, drinking more Pliny than should be allowed by law, which is kinda where this idea comes from; no one wants to try to compete with Vinnie, but a place with lower alcohol-content beers has a draw for many reasons.

But in reading up on low ABV IPA attempts, it seems a standard concern that anything below 5% won't want to stand up to big hopping. Does anyone have experience in making a true IPA (or close) or (why not wish for the stars?) Double IPA with a 4.5%-5% ABV? ???

Yeast and Fermentation / Third transfer fermentaion-add more yeast?
« on: December 08, 2009, 06:09:47 PM »
[I apologize, being new here, if this has been endlessly addressed in these forums!]

I've just transferred my beer to a third fermentation carboy to help with removing an extra-heavy dry-hop application ;), running it through a sterilized cheesecloth on transfer. I'm not a regular brewer and am wondering if I may have screwed myself by removing the solids, maybe losing too much of my yeast when I did that :-\. Do I need to add more yeast when I bottle or will there be enough left in the beer. Secondary fermentation ran for one week and three days after one week of primary. Almost all solids were filtered out on the third transfer. Thanks for any info!

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