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Brewed 6 gallons, fly sparged, all grain, of porter. American Style. Going to add cholaca and possibly nibs in a secondary.

Should I bottle, and bottle condition/age, or force carbonate this batch? Im finding conflicting answers. Dont want the bitterness or alkaline flavor to be to strong.


All Grain Brewing / Cold crash before secondary of after?
« on: June 05, 2018, 03:40:29 AM »
Hey guys

Im brewing a chocolate porter, hopefully in the style of Boulder Brewings Shake Chocolate porter. I am adding cholaca and cacao nibs, and want to rack on top of these additions in a secondary carboy. I hope to find out what equipment I need to purge with CO2 (in another thread) before transfer. My question is should I cold crash in primary before transfer, or after sitting in cholaca and nibs in secondary for a few days before bottling?

Thank you

General Homebrew Discussion / What equipment for Co2 Purging
« on: June 05, 2018, 03:38:50 AM »
Hey Guys. I am Steve, fairly green to all grain brewing. I brew all grain, with a fly sparge setup. My question is, what equipment would i need to purge my secondary (brewing with fruit/cholaca/cacao etc) with CO2, to reduce oxidation?

I know I obviously need a CO2 tank, but what would i use to actually blow the co2 into the carboy? Ive seen some people with a cane, and stopper... What is and how does that function? I could push water/sanitizer out with the co2 etc, or even purge, until I feel the oxygen has been pushed out enough.. What hardware/equipment would i use to just blow CO2 in?

My current brew, a chocolate porter, been in primary for 24 hours now. I am doing late additions of Cholaca, and cacao nibs in secondary. I will rack on top of Cholaca and nibs, let sit until I'm satisfied, and then cold crash before bottling.

Thank you, and nice to meet you all.

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