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General Homebrew Discussion / Keggarator
« on: October 06, 2014, 01:04:16 AM »
I painted the top of my keggarator in chalk board paint. 

Now I can post what is available on each tap.

Yeast and Fermentation / Suggestions for wild yeast
« on: September 22, 2014, 02:13:04 PM »
I captured some wild yeast and am currently "growing it up" with a starter.  Anyone have any suggestions for a beer?  I have not tasted what it has fermented but it does smell tart.

Beer Recipes / Red IPA
« on: September 03, 2014, 03:04:29 AM »
Comments, suggestions on this recipe?

10 Gallons
16# 2 row
1# Wheat
1# cyrstal 40
3/4# Carared
4 oz. 2 row black malt

1.5 oz. summit 60min
1.25 Horizon 15 min
1.00 horizon 10
1.00 cascade 2 min
1.00 mosaic 2 min
2.00 cascade dry hop 7 days
2.00 mosaic dry hop 7 days

mash @ 150
60 minute boil
Yeast Gigayeast Vermont IPA

RO water treated with 1 tsp CaCl2 and 1 tsp gypsum

Yeast and Fermentation / Gigayeast
« on: August 19, 2014, 04:02:15 PM »
I just received the Gigayeast I ordered last week.  It spent a couple of extra days in shipping thanks to UPS and the cold packs are no longer good.  My question is, the hefe yeast packs are actually swollen while the IPA yeast and the Saison yeast are not.  Does this seem normal?  My understanding was these are not "smack" packs. 

General Homebrew Discussion / CO2 question with kegerator
« on: July 24, 2014, 02:10:48 AM »
I built a kegerator out of a chest freezer that has 4 taps.  I currently have 3 beers on tap and I have been going through CO2 like crazy.  Should I be shutting off the valves when not in use?  I have, at best between me and my wife, 3 beers a night but I leave the gas on all the time.  Is it normal to go through a 10lb CO2 tank in a couple of days?

General Homebrew Discussion / Fruit flies
« on: July 06, 2014, 01:19:19 AM »
So I just finished my kegerator last weekend in the garage and now there are fruit flies all over the place!  I've seen the plugs for the taps, which I plan on getting, but is there anything you recommend for eradicating the population?

Beer Recipes / Belgian IPA
« on: March 24, 2014, 02:56:31 AM »
This is what I brewed this weekend

10 Gallon batch

18#s 2 row
5 #s malted wheat
1 # flaked oats
1 # flaked wheat

2 oz. Amarillo FWH
1 oz. Magnum @60
1 oz. Centennial @30
1 oz. Centennial @15
2 oz. Amarillo Whirlpool

Zest of 2 grapefruits, 2 oranges and one lemon added at whirlpool.

Yeast Safbrew T-58 - 2 packets

Mash temp 152 for 1 hour
boil for one hour

OG 1.079
Est. IBUs 70

All Things Food / Spent grain energy bars
« on: February 28, 2014, 04:45:05 PM »
I made these bars with some spent grain from last weekend's wheat beer. Looks like birdseed but tastes fantastic!

General Homebrew Discussion / Quick question about attenuation
« on: February 26, 2014, 03:53:14 PM »
I am wanting to make a session beer, nothing fancy, just some base grains, 2 row, munich maybe a little crystal and some carapils, and I am thinking of mashing in the 154-156 range.  What is the best way to figure how this will effect the attenuation?  I am just planning on using Safale-05 yeast.  Thank you.

Beer Recipes / Munich ESB
« on: January 20, 2014, 04:46:27 AM »
Brewed a SMASH ESB today using all Munich malt and Northern Brewer hops.

10 Gallon batch

19 lbs. Munich malt
2 oz. Northern Brewer FW
1 oz. Northern Brewer @ 60 min.
1 oz. Northern Brewer @ 10 min
1 oz. Northern Brewer @ 5 min.

Mash at 152
RO Water treated with Gypsum and Calcium Chloride

Yeast is SafAle 04

OG 1.058

Beer Recipes / Clear the cupboard IPA
« on: October 15, 2013, 03:58:45 AM »
I cleaned out my supply fridge the other day and found 4 oz. of Mosaic hops that I had forgotten so I decided to make an IPA. 
10 Gallon batch
14# 2 row
4# Munich
2# 60L crystal
2# cane sugar added to boil after break

2 oz. Amarillo FWH
2 oz. Magnum @60
1/2 oz. Amarillo @ 20, 15, 10 and 5
2 oz. Mosaic and 2 oz. Amarillo in whirlpool for 30 min.

Safale 05 for yeast

RO water treated with 2 teaspoons CaCl

All Things Food / Bacon blu cheese burgers
« on: September 20, 2013, 05:33:35 PM »
I made some bacon blu cheese burgers a couple nights ago. I took some disposable pot pie pans and added a layer of chopped bacon and then added a layer of blu cheese and then topped with the ground beef. I grilled over the hot part of the grill till the bacon was crispy and then flipped the burgers out of the pans and finished grilling the other side.

General Homebrew Discussion / How long to boil to rid chlorine?
« on: August 31, 2013, 08:25:41 PM »
With the long weekend I thought I would try using my city water to brew, I usually use RO and add salts, but our city water is pretty good for brewing except for the chlorine. So how long should I boil the water the day before to rid the water of the chorine?

General Homebrew Discussion / Exit strategy
« on: June 27, 2013, 03:27:52 AM »
So I know this is a bit morbid to discuss but I have been thinking about this recently, due to some friends close in age passing.  What happens to my beer if I drop dead?  I usually have a beer in some form of transition, be it primary, secondary or kegged with some form of addition to be added.  I have already discussed the donation of all my brewing equipment to my local home brew club with my wife and hopefully one of my brew club buddies would finish any brews I had brewing and serve them at a party in remembrance.

General Homebrew Discussion / Guiness style stout
« on: June 06, 2013, 04:01:11 PM »
Anyone ever do the sour addition to a stout like a Guiness?  I have read up on it but was wanting to hear from someone with some experience. 

I'm planning a ten gallon batch so probably souring about a quart to add back in.

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