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Classifieds / Misc brew stuff for sale.
« on: February 17, 2018, 09:59:59 PM »
Beer and Wine Making Equipment.

Ranco ETC-100001 single stage temp controller. Works fine. $25.00

Brew Vint Plate filter, lines, and various filters. As New. $25.00

Blichmann Thru-Mometer. As new. $15.00

Three Hydrometers: $10.00 each.
1. Kessler #W017 Precision Hydrometer 0.980 - 1.0602.
2. Austin Homebrew Hydrometer 1.000 to 1.070.
3. Chase #1958 Precision Hydrometer 1.060 - 1.130.

4 Liter Erlenmeyer flasks. Corning and Kimble Scientific. High quality genuine scientific borosilicate (Pyrex) glassware! No chips or cracks. $30.00 each (have two)

Three 3 Inch Nalgene Magnetic Stir Bars. New never used. $10.00 each.

Polarware #260 Heavy Duty 42 Quart (10 1/2 gal) Stock Pot. Has 3 pc stainless ball valve and analog Brewmometer (both Blichmann) installed. This was my old HLT before I moved to a 10 gal system. Like New condition. $180.00.

Keg Connection CO2 regulator. Typical CO2 regulator with a low pressure gauge, relief valve and a screw and lock nut to adjust the pressure. $20.00

I'll edit the post if anything sells. All items ship from zip 71103, and I'll check shippers thoroughly to get you the lowest price.

General Homebrew Discussion / Cool!
« on: November 04, 2009, 06:21:14 PM »
This is great! Thanks guys!

Charlie (not that charlie :D )

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