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Just wanted to recommend a LHBS I've just visited in Salem, NH.  Border Brewery & Brew supply is run by a nice couple who are "going pro" with both their supply side, and by opening a new tasting room and brewery on premises!

They seem like a really nice couple - people who believe in craft beer, and are working very long hours to make a go of it.  Good prices on grain - they get bulk discounts because of the brewery. 

The setup is neat.  There is the supply store, then you walk into the tasting room, and look through glass doors into the brewery while they're working.  Growler fills available for a reasonable price.  Supply store seems pretty well stocked, although their hop inventory was a little low when I visited.  Nice selection, just running low.  That's not a bad sign - I like to see ingredient turnover.

Anyway, props to these folks.  They're 20 minutes from home for me, which makes them my new LHBS.

And I hesitate to say this, but they've got a line on a ton of ball-lock kegs, selling them for a reasonable price.  Just don't buy them all before I can save up the coin to get a couple!

Equipment and Software / 10 gallon stainless... thing?
« on: May 10, 2013, 03:37:59 PM »
Hi Folks - I don't post here often, but do benefit from your advice.

My question here is - what do I do with this thing, given to me by a friend who loves my beer.

It is a brand new, never used, 10gal stainless container for hot liquids.  Should this be used as a mash tun? If so, how do I get a screen through the small opening? A hot liquor tank?  Some other glorious purpose the likes of which has never been known to man? The lid has a hole in it - fermentation vessel?

Advice much appreciated.  I would also consider selling it.

Overall view

Notice threaded outlet at bottom.

Top has a vent hole (covered with plastic knob, removable)

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