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Yeast and Fermentation / left it in the primary for 60 days
« on: January 04, 2013, 08:27:24 PM »
For personal reasons, i could'nt have the time to bottle a Pumpkin Ale i made several weeks ago that was store in outdoors light hidden with a cool temperature, usually i dont use a secondary for any of my beers,so bottle it a month ago, and this was the results:
Super clear beer.- When i siphoned the beer to the bottled bucket it was no disturbance at all of the bottom, it was very stuck!
No off flavors, the pumpkin vegetable flavor and aroma with spices at end of boiling was the same at the begining and end of the process, maybe the extra bittering i add help with this in flavor.
at least the 60 percent of the bottles was not properly carbonated, just a little of CO2 but sweet,
i was confused about the possible reasons of this, so i figure out: didnt add enough corn sugar at bottle time, didn't put the caps properly,bottle cellaring temperature was too cool but at the end i figure that it was have the enough amount remaining of yeast to make the fermentation process in the bottle,. what do you think?
i follow my method of bottling for two years now i never have this kind of problem

by the way... happy Christmas and Happy New Year, and Feliz Dia de Reyes almost! :D
PD, next time (i hope not) i'll add some yeast

Today is an historic day in Tijuana,.
Tijuana Beer was the responsible for past beer festivals in our town, it was the first craft beer in the region and in cooperation with Stone, there where making a two day festival for us every year

But, this year... Baja's homebrewers decided to go in a Association togheter and make their own "true" artisan or home brewing festival the same day!

This is going to raise the atention of the non craft beer people drinkers.. so im happy! haha
Take a look!

"It does't get any better than this!".....Al Bundy

General Homebrew Discussion / forgot to clean my mash tun cooler
« on: June 06, 2012, 05:11:46 PM »
two weeks ago, i was so excited at my last brew that i forgot to clean in... left the grains in it , and yesterday when i opened  :o :-\ my goodness!  you can imagine how bad smells!
I clean it up with oxy clean, star san and stills has a little bit of weird smells
it is my first cooler since i begun to brew to all grain,

so, it is time to buy another one? it will add smells or of-flavor to a future brew?

Mama miaa :-[

Well, yesterday i was making my first attempt to a tripel, but saddly for me i missed the OG  with a final 1.062 instead a 1.080, i just add a pound of Dextrose at 10 min before the boiloff, of 13 punds of grains ( 5 gal batch)... so i heard a method of adding table or corn sugar after fermentation takes off most of the sugars...
can anywone help me with this issue? it is safe? how much sugar do i have to add?



hi everyone, i made a mistake in my last brew: while i was brewing a witbier i decided to open a beer, then a second one, a third one (in the boiling process) so, when i was closing the fermentor after i pitched the yeast... gsus!, i forgot to add the coriander and orange peel!!!
So, my question is, can i make a tea infusion with these spices and then add it to the bottom of the bottling bucket just before i add the sugar and the beer?? should it help to flavor while conditioning in bottle? or just save it for my next brew....
im bottling tomorrow


All Grain Brewing / caused by a bad grain crush?
« on: February 09, 2012, 11:41:01 PM »
11 days ago i brewed my first IPA with Simcoe , i found it 3 weeks ago in San Diego so i used Magnum for bittering and leave it for flavor and aromas, i noticed that the grains there was not properly crushed but i just ignored it in the moment.

at 73% for efficiency i was supposed to be at 1.070 and end it with SG 1.059!! i only use 2 row and crystal 20 L becouse i was looking for a no robust body and pale wort to be acoording with the citrusy... mashed for 152F for 60 min and boil it for 90 min

is the first time i was very low in efficiency and i use WLP001 with starter, pitch it and after a late 24 hours wait it start bubbling after i swirl the fermentor a little,  dont know why actually, the temp was in 65F and as usual was well aireated
yesterday on day 10 after brewing date, i checked and i got a 1.004, The yeast in the lid had a stange aroma, just like rubber band something like that...Very  very clear beer and smell very similar of Pinot Grigio wine, that one from Costco it seems reasonable becouse the citrus aroma, so i put in 2 oz of Simcoe and let it for another 5 days maybe will go better...

Next time i'll be shure to get a double grind in the mill!! im a little worried about those aromas, tastes good but,.. mmm i don't know what so expect

Yeast and Fermentation / fermentation ends in 3 days??
« on: January 20, 2012, 05:38:21 PM »
last sunday i brew a wheat beer kind a hefeweizen and becouse a i have in the fridge two packets of SB-06 i decided to use it.
I made a single infusion and sparging with enough hot water and after boil got a SG 1.043. I was expecting a higher reading, something like 1.050 but anyway... rehydrate the two packets and pitch when the wort was 68F, after less than 10 hours was very good activity and in the third day was suddenly stop! i check the temperature of the fermentor and it was a little low, something like 59 F and i raise it to 65-68 again.. last night i swirl the fermentor a little bit with no air lock activity..damn.. i decided to open and get a sample to have a reading and the result was 1.006,.. what!??? i tasted and was a notorius smell and taste of yeast.and wheat. (clove and banana of course also)

so my question is? do i have to wait a few days to complete the ferm and to settle down and the to improve the flavor? i didn't like it of course last night sample..

Yeast and Fermentation / choosing a yeast for my first Barleywine
« on: December 10, 2011, 06:56:31 PM »
Well, finally im considering making my first  English barleywine style , im aiming to a FG 1.095 something around an ABV 11.0%, and looking for WL yeast i dont know if WLP007 will be an option, but i heard that WLP champagne yeast will be just fine due the alcohol tolerance, has anyone use this one with good results? im a little concern with attenuation ..

im making my first bath with White Labs 001 and while designing the recipe i noticed that is not calibrated or something wrong becouse acording to the OG  in the recipe 1.065 it calculates that i have to use 16 vials of yeast!! damn!
I checked the yeast cell count according to BS and dont seems to be a problem with that. But, in the yeast tab right beside the recipe design tab, there is a inconsistency in the cell count and the starter calculation.

any idea to help me calibrate this thing here??

All Grain Brewing / my last night brew, trouble and stress
« on: October 13, 2011, 04:43:31 PM »
Brewing it suppossed to be fun right?
Well, y went yesterday to San Diego to get my things to brew a Oatmeal Stout and i started at 5 30 pm..then i realized i was out of gas for my flammer (daaamn), i was planning doing a protein rest 122F but i ran leaving i little bit higher in temp for 30 minutes becouse the store closed at 6 pm...i ran... miss the temperature i put some cold water but it wasnt enough...then with to much water in the mash tun i think, now what?  decotion? yeah! go for it, i drained about 3 gal and boil it, add it to the mash and it wasnt enough fot 154 F,, finallly i add boiled water and finally 154!!
My boy ask me if i can play with him a few times,  noise, the television... aaghhhhh

at the end, end at 4.7 ( OG1.072) gal instead of 5, i use northern brewer (1.25 oz) and it was a little bit over bitter for me,.. add 3 more quarter of water, i use  a single Saf-04 and after pitching the yeast i realized that according to BeerSmith need 2 packages not 1!... ohhhh, im tired right now and i learn the lesson

Planning ahead and privacy is very important in brewing
im a little bit concerned of adding those 3 qts of water after pitching the yeast, today at morning it was happily bubbling!


General Homebrew Discussion / how much dry hops for the secondary?
« on: September 29, 2011, 05:09:22 PM »
Last weekend i brew my first American IPA, came out with 5 gallon and 1.069 OG and 111 IBUS with Magnum for bitterness and Cascade and Athantum for flavoring. I want to get some really good aromas as well in secondary and i plan to use whole leafs of Cascade.. so ,how much do i have to use? half ounce? more?
i dont want a grassy aroma of course


General Homebrew Discussion / Pasteurization, cooling rapidly the wort?
« on: August 31, 2011, 05:50:37 PM »
The other day I was talking while I had a few beers with a more experienced brewer and also own's a bar of imported beers. I told him I had already bought my wort chiller and how important to get better and easy my process and mentioned the word "pasteurization"  while I meant the process of cooling the wort. And he said he had nothing to do with it. To which I argued that that means that a beer is pasteurized to kill any yeast in the bottle and filter to last longer. Well, the fact is that we raise the tone a bit and everyone put their point to debate with other guys there

Is the process of boiling the wort and cooling faster should be consider pasteurization?

Yeast and Fermentation / dumb! just bottled an unfinished beer
« on: August 01, 2011, 06:02:39 PM »
last night i bottled my first brown ale. And usually i dont get my  FG readings before bottling (error!) and every last batch was ok usually, but not this one!, i have a OG of 1.056 and the FG was 1.022!! and theres was no time to do nothing about it.

i use S05
I use 3/5 of priming sugar for a 5.5 batch
taste great actually but, What should i expect? bomb bottles? sweet beer?

Events / Tijuana Beer fest 2011... olé!
« on: July 11, 2011, 04:31:48 PM »
Well, we are very excited about next weekend in our city, celebrating the 7th Anual beer fest sponsor by Tijuana Tj Beer and Stone...It will be showing the best of the some craft brews in Mexico and breweries from South-Cal
this is the oficial poster,

This festival is importat to all of us, Craft beer and home brewing is raising in the past years... theres a interest and many bars in the City put their "Cerveza de la casa" (their own beer of the house)... but unfortunelly the mayority prefer something refreshing in body and taste... also in ABV. They refuse drinking quality instead of cuantity
Featuring Javier Batiz on friday and Nortec Collective Hiperboreal on Saturday,
ill be posting pictures of the event next weekend


The Pub / Something about Tijuana, my city
« on: July 08, 2011, 04:34:49 AM »
This is my hometown, my state and i will share something about it
Many years ago was a refugee to americans after the prohibition law, so, they came here to drink, have fun, enterteinment so so
unfortunally,for the past years drug cartels take the streets and change our city.. now its changing a little bit
American people are scared to visit now and trust me, theres a good reason to be that way but not any more

Well, ill be sharing photos and places

the entrance to USA from Tijuana,

The Plaza Monumental and the Faro... the most nortwheast point of Mexico´s territory

I took this picture (another hobbie) this was in my sister´s wedding last year in Las Rocas, in Rosarito south Tj

Another hobbie i have is Fiesta brava photography, this photo is also mine, i took it last year, they put it in a web site with my credit

this photo is at Cesar Hotel and Restaurant, many many years ago was created here in this place world famous dish, The Caesar Salad

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