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There are a great many questions in the universe - why are we here? What are we doing? What the hell just happened with my beer?!? We'll tackle that last category, because we're terrible at moral philosophy!

Sit back, it's time for a dive through a bunch of questions


It's officially been two years of Brew Files! (Ok, fine, two more days - the first episode dropped on Jan 11th, 2017) That puts me in the mood to talk Anniversaries and with my local, Eagle Rock Brewery, hitting their 9th Anniversary, I sat down with Jeremy Raub to talk about designing an Anniversary beer and the new and interesting uses they're finding for Amlyase enzymes - it's not just for Brut IPA's anymore!

Don't forget you can join ERB on Jan 26th at Noon to taste Plan 9 and all their delicious beers!



Happy New Beer! We kick off the new year with a look at how the folks at We Love LB and the Long Beach Homebrewers are using homebrew to build a better neighborhood. First we'll talk to Scott Jones, the executive director of We Love LB about his mission to strengthen his community and how beer helps and then we talk to Neil Ian Horowitz of the Long Beach Homebrewers about how the club got involved and what beer he provided to the festivities. It's an interesting model that we think can be duplicated around the world!

But first we've got to take your feedback, cover the beer news including what the shutdown means for beer and Teri Farendorf's take on the "Inebriation" Industry, some foundational numbers and calculations and our favorite brewing experiences of the past year.


The Brew is Out There! 

New Years is right around the corner which means so is the era of Resolutions. The most common resolution for brewers? I'm going to brew more! It's also one of the most failed. We're here to give you our tips for fighting the forces that stymie you so you can get back to what we all love - brewing!


Just in time for Christmas and the new year, Drew sits down with John Holl of Craft Beer & Brewing to talk about his new book - Drink Beer, Think Beer. We talk where the industry is and why John's hope for the future isn't a very popular one.

But first we've got to take your feedback, cover the beer news - including a controversial take on IPA's drinkers, and then cover Denny's gluten free brewing antics, Drew's rat attack and a new way to egg.


We asked our listeners to challenge us - give us a beer idea you want us to design and prepare to make. Out of the pile of suggestions we each chose one recipe to challenge the other with. In this inaugural challenge, we only find out what recipe we're supposed to formulate right then. Listen to us walk you through how we'd tackle these challenges.

And congrats to Aaron Kennison and Eric Pierce who'll be receiving a half pound of Yakima Chief Hops' Veteran's Blend!


After our adventures down in Australia, it's time to get local again with Ten Mile Brewing in Signal Hill, California. Drew sits down with Dan Sundstrom to talk how the brewer got started and why they have a focus on tradition including their attempts to bring the Kentucky Common to California.

But first we've got to cover the bad beer news and some brewing for a good cause news before we borrow a quick tip from Chino and a quick tip of a book series that Drew now has to wait to be finished.


The Brew is Out There! 

We know that we need good yeast to make great beer and we need to treat them right. Somehow we've managed to go through 48 episodes of this show without talking methods of treating your yeast right. On this show, we'll walk through how we used to do things and why we changed and Denny will even challenge Drew to get uncomfortable!


We'd be planning it for two years, but we finally made it to Australia! We spoke at the Australian National Homebrewers Conference (link below) and recorded this live session of the podcast! In this episode we talk to the organizers of the conference Andy and John. We talk to Peter Symons and the winner of the Australian Amateur Brewing Championship Barry Cranston. We chat with Dr. Evan Evans about why beer glasses matter and finally we close up with a beer experiment with Helen Hewson and we'll see how our crowd does with a triangle test! (And you'll hear us talk about a technique that we haven't tried but need to!)


The Brew is Out There! 

One of our favorite yeast people is back and he's got big news! Nick Impelitteri is going full time and moving to Beervana - aka Portland - aka the new "Bay" City? In addition we talk about new toys he's bringing to bear including a nectar loving critter that might change how you experience hops.


Who knew that leading a Rock & Roll life, could be the path to a thorough beer education? That's what happened with Dan Regan who left touring with Reel Big Fish to open a brewery with brewing partners, Eric McLaughlin and Michael Clements. Drew sits down with Dan and Eric and to talk their newly opened Liberation Brewing Company in Long Beach. Before that we dig into the news, competition tips and changes Denny's going to have to make because his hip is going cyborg.

Episode Links:

    Australian National Homebrewers Conference (10/25-10/27) -
    Sydney Meetup at Batch Brewing (Tues 10/30) -
    BYO Boot Camp with Denny & Marshall -
    Lagunitas Layoffs -
    NJ Special Rules for Tasting Rooms -
    The Return of the Schaerbeek -
    Carlsbergs Magic Glue -
    Beer and Wine Journal - Contest Karate -
    Liberation Brewing Company -
    3 Girls & Their Buddy -
    John Prine's Summers End -
    Nowzad -
    Patreon Remember even a buck is good for charity:
    Experimental Brew Store -


The Brew is Out There!  RECIPE SHOW

Just how many curveballs can you throw at a brew and still make an award winning beer? Today we find out as we talk with IGOR Eric Pierce and explore all the craziness around his 2018 Sam Adams Longshot winning Grisette. Sit back and learn how a beer can come together!

Ingredients / A chance to win Veteran's Blend hops!
« on: October 02, 2018, 05:07:41 PM »
Yakima Cief Hops has released their Veteran's Blend for Veteran's Day.  They're a blend of Cashmere, Centennial, Ekuanot, Mosaic and Simcoe.  What's even cooler is that a portion of the proceeds will go to the Semper Fi Fund, which is dedicated to providing urgently needed resources and support for post 9/11 combat wounded, critically ill and catastrophically injured members of the United States Armed Forces and their families.  Pretty cool, huh?  You can read bout the whole thing here...

What's even cooler is that Experimental Brewing bought a bunch to support the project and we're gonna give some away!   All you have to do is come up with an idea for a recipe that you want Drew, Denny, or both to come up with spontaneously, off the top of their heads.  It's our version of "Stump the Chumps"!  The 2 recipes we choose will each get 1/2 lb. of Veteran's Blend.

For info on how to enter the contest, go to

includes an interview and tasting with forum member riceral!

We should call this a follow up episode because we've got a bunch of follow up to previous shows, including your feedback on the Brew Files water show and a chance to taste listener Ralph Rice's Altbier that he sent in thanks to our Alt show. One of our own just won a big award! We also announce our next experiment before diving into the beer world, both new and old, including a cool new blend of hops from sponsor Yakima Chief Hops that we're going to give away to the two challenge recipes we choose!

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