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Homebrew Con 2018 / Homebrew Conference hotel roommate
« on: April 18, 2018, 06:43:40 PM »
Another year, another A.H.A. National Homebrew Conference. :D
Yet another year when I seek a roommate for one of the A.H.A. conference hotels.
I'll strive to keep this terse. I will spend seven days in Portland, OR. This will include days both before and after the three days of the conference [28-30 June]. I will not stay all seven nights in one of the official conference hotels. One hundred eighty nine dollars a night is beyond my budget. It might not even go far enough for me to be the only occupant of an official conference hotel for three nights.
I suspect there are other people attending who are in a similar situation. Last year in Minneapolis, MN., I did hook up with somebody else (from Florida). This year, he has an area roommate who will be in Portland with him.
I've visited Portland eight times since 1993. I know where are the less-expensive hotels along Sandy Blvd. NE towards PDX Airport. However, the lowest rate is commonly advanced-booking-only without cancellation availability, so I cannot make a provisional reservation to any of them.
I have no preference for or against any of the official conference hotels.
So if you need (or want) a roommate for the conference, please contact me. Message me here, or E-Mail fbwknd1.pudgym29 @
   Steve De Rose 8)

Events / AHA NHC Hotel accommodation
« on: May 10, 2011, 08:12:36 AM »
Hello, everybody. I am Steve “Pudgy” De Rose.
I am attending this year's AHA NHC in San Diego, CA.
I post here and now because this year, I managed to book a room at the Town & Country.
But $139 | night hotel rooms put a damper on my enjoyment, and a crimp in my budget. :P
So I offer accommodation in my room for one person who is willing to share this room and halve the price on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.
I have not yet booked my flights. At this moment, it looks as though I'll fly into SAN on Thursday morning, arriving at 11:00 am {Southwest}. But this could change to Wednesday or Tuesday, in which instance I would need to share a room at the Town & Country for that night(s). :D
If there is anybody out here looking to lower their hotel cost, please respond here, or via a private message. Thank you.

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