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General Homebrew Discussion / Microbreweries/pubs in Honolulu
« on: April 18, 2013, 06:36:37 PM »
I am getting ready to go to Honolulu this weekend for a few days and wanted some recommendations of microbreweries/pubs in the Wakiki area.  Need to get my beer consumption done before I board a Navy ship and cruise for 5-6 days without any beer!

General Homebrew Discussion / First German Dark Beer
« on: September 29, 2012, 12:48:51 AM »
I have a friend who has challenged me to come up with a German dark beer that will take him mentally back to Germany.  We talked about a doppelbock, schwarzbier, dunkel, etc.  I have only brewed typical ales but with the cooler weather coming my basement stays at about 60 or with a window open I can drop it down for a cooler fermentation.  I don't have anything to truly hold a lower fermentation temp so I was wondering what recommendations can get tossed this way.


I am fermenting my first fruit beer, a raspberry porter.  I let primary fermentation go for 4 days and had great activity during that time.  SG 1.062 down to 1.020.  So I racked out of the bucket which started with about 5.5 gals, added sterilized raspberries, 4 lbs, into a 6 gallon carboy.  I left a good amount of liquid and yeast in the bottom of the bucket.  I had a pretty full carboy but thought I might be OK.  That was about 9PM last night and by 10PM I had cleaned out the air lock twice and thought I should just use a bung with tube going into some water.  That worked better and this morning it looked fine but all the raspberry solids had risen to top of the neck.  Still bubling through the hose but getting some liquid up there also.  Made breakfast a little later and when I came back, all the raspberry solids where setting on top of the carboy and the bung/hose was on the floor.  I believe I had most of the juice already out of the berries since most were white or light pink.  Fermentation is still going strong and color has lots of red in it.  Has anyone else had this type of activity with fruit beers and do you think I got all the sugars out of the raspberries?  Thanks,

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