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The Pub / Looking for Home Brewers to Interview for a Paper
« on: February 28, 2010, 10:08:20 PM »
Hey guys, my name is Nick and I'm a junior at Temple University in Philadelphia studying magazine journalism.  I'm writing a "how to" article on homebrewing and I'd like to have some sources to attribute quotes to.  If anyone could help out by answering a few questions I'd really appreciate it.  They're nothing too in depth, just basic stuff because the article will focus on the beginnings of homebrewing for the novice reader.

Again, if anyone could answer the following questions it would be a lot of help.  You can either post the answers in this thread, message me, or email them to me at njvadala at temple dot edu.

Anyhow, here they are:

   1. Name (first and last), age, location
   2. When did you start home brewing and why?
   3. How has your idea of home brewing changed since you started?
   4. Why should others who are interested in beer take up home brewing?
   5. What are some good retailers (either shops or online) to purchase equipment/ingredients from and why?
   6. What kind of beer do you recommend for a first-time brewer? Any recipes that you can provide?
   7. What are some good resources for home brewers?
   8. What is the number one mistake that new home brewers make? How can it be avoided?
   9. How can the growing interest in home brewing best be explained?
  10. How can a beginning brewer make the leap to intermediate or advanced brewing?

Thanks guys,

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