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We have developed a device that will measure specific gravity and temperature in-situ, and transmit the data wirelessly to provide brew batch trends from these measurements. We call it the "BeerBug":

One of our founders is an avid hobbyist and noticed that the craft brewers tend to only have one cost effective specific gravity option in the old-fashioned hydrometer.  It has been a significant (but fun) development to be able to measure s.g. precisely using non-hydrometer means.

We are still learning the marketplace and would enjoy your comments on this type of device as it relates to the craft brewers amongst us.  For example, would you want to have a specific gravity and alcohol content trend throughout a batch without having to take hydrometer readings?  Is datalogging sufficient near the brew, or would you also want to expand it to your mobile device and/or iPAD?  We're thinking this may be valuable to home brewers, but are also looking into usefulness at microbrewer sites.

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