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I have 2 of the 4 kegs that keep foaming up
Here are the beers
Flanders porter,gum ball head , Octoberfest lager, and rye IPA
The Octoberfest and rye IPA keep pressuring up ,
Here is what I did really petty normal kegging (  I thought ) all these beer in one day.
About a 8 days ago
Kegged let set a 30 psi for 2 days , shook each one for 20 seconds ,reset psi at 10 psi walk away
Then I check the beer yesterday the rye IPA is so foamy and Octoberfest is as well ,
Anyway I was thinking that I might take the air line and unplug it still it de- presureizies it self

basically want to degas the beer and make it flat and recarb
Thanks John
Do they make a device to use to put on keg to keg it from over carbing ?

Has a newbie I am on my 6th  kit beer and 1 wine.
For some reason I didnt get any fermation at all on this batch.
I took a reading today and it is only .002 point away from my OG is 1.084 and the reading today is 1.082 this is for a Beligm Triple ..I brew it on 3-21-10 last ssunday and been working 12 hours and notice the air lock cap didn't raise and the Home brew place is closed today and going to repitch tommorrow.
Do I look to see what yeast is in the same kit if they have one or just buy any yeast and I think everything is ok has far as the wort is dont see any thing growing and I gave it a good hard couple of shakes to wake it up If you will
Whats  one to do ?
I put the yeast in the freeze when I bought it because it was going to be a couple of weeks before I could get to it and I dont think I am going to do that again.

What about pitch it straight into the fermenter or make slurry up
Should I wait a cople more days
I have another beer on the 2nd  dairy its a Calf. style pale and please explain how to filter or should I filter at all ?

Kegging and Bottling / Kegged 2 styles
« on: March 09, 2010, 07:15:20 PM »
First time kegging and I burped 3x @ 5psi then used 30 psi charged ,rolled keg over knee for 5 minutes ,purged and rechared for another 5 ,did this 3 times, beer was foamed up like crazy ,,well got up at 500 am and had a brain fart and though that ,,,,
I took the regulator gas line off and put in a sanditised Grawler and roll the kegs upright 4 differant times and when I shook each keg ,the CO2 roard out of the tube like crazy did this 4 times and then hooked everything back up and everything seemed Ok
Has anyone done this ?
It was my Birthday and got a later start at co2 ing my corney's
Just curious ?

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