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I cooked up an imperial porter that came out at OG of around 1.080. I had a lot of yeast through the first week. Even in my 6.5 gallon carboy I found myself cleaning out the airlock several time. I let it sit in the fermenter for just over a month. I primed with slightly less priming sugar than I had intended (4 oz instead of 4.5). It been in the bottle for more than 5 weeks and still hasn't carbonated. I tried tipping a bottle to get more yeast into suspension. I drank it a few days later with no luck.

The beer tastes sweet. The issue doesn't seem to be a lack of fermentables. Could it be that the yeast kicked out in the fermenter? Should I add more yeast? If so, how? I have liquid and dry yeast laying around. I could add a little dry yeast to each bottle or I could pour the bottles back into the bottling bucket and add some liquid yeast. (The beer is in EZ-caps, so neither would be a tragedy.)

Or do I just need to be patient?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Howdy folks, first-time/long-time

On Valentines Day, my special lady friend and I brewed up a Saison based roughly on JZ's recipe in Brewing Classic Styles. (Working name: "Eros Myth Dream On Saison") I used Wyeast 3726 Farmhouse Ale as the yeast. Jamil's directions suggested gradually raising the temperature to 80F over the course of the fermentation. I ordered a fermwrap, but a took a while to get here. In the meantime I moved it from colder to warmer parts of the house getting it from around 67 up to 73.  On Sunday, I transferred to secondary and was really pleased with the attenuation so far: OG=1.056/ gravity at transfer=1.006. And its been kicking out a few bubble a minute since Sunday. My fermwrap finally arrived last night.

Is it still worth using the fermwrap to raise to 80? Is the main reason to raise the temperature attenuation or is it to get esters that contribute different flavor notes? I'm hoping to get some complexity in this guy and would be inclined to heat if it will contribute flavors. Otherwise I'm inclined not to mess with a good thing.

Much obliged for any advice.

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