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Just a heads up that the AHA Research & Education Fund application form has been temporarily disabled until we've finalized revisions, but will be back up soon.

The AHA Research and Education Fund was launched in spring of 2013, and our members have used this funding opportunity to research some interesting topics that benefit the hobby of home brewing.

The AHA REF subcommittee has vetted 25 proposals since the program's inception. Of the 22 approved for reimbursement over the last two years, only 6 have reached completion as of now.

The impact to our members is that:
  • funds are allocated and tied up that other members could use in their research projects
  • space was added to Zymurgy to include reports on these projects
  • a panel or poster session at the National Homebrewers Conference related to a project can't be scheduled in a timely fashion
Therefore, the program will be undergoing some renovation over the next month so that we can maximize the AHA REF program benefits as many members as possible.

Stay tuned for updates, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Duncan Bryant or either of your AHA REF subcommittee co-chairs.

Debbie Cerda and Crispy Frey, Co-chairs
AHA REF Subcommittee

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