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Pimp My System / Brewnhilda's maiden voyage
« on: April 04, 2011, 10:48:29 AM »
Hi all,

I've been lurking here for a while, and thought now is the time to share a few pics of my brand new rig. I just got into brewing two years ago, and the obsession has reached dangerous levels. Thanksfully, my wife is very understanding, and lets me have complete control over the basement. In return, she got the naming rights, and we went with a misspelled Valkyrie, Brewnhilda.

I built this stand over the last five months, based on many different ideas, mostly from this forum, the Brewtroller forums and HBT.
At the heart of the system is the BrewTroller The heating consists of three Banjo burners converted to low pressure propane, with the gas controlled via Honeywell valves and standing pilots for safety. Two pumps do the heavy lifting. I wanted the stand to be somewhat portable, for club brews and driveway parties. The stand itself is made from 1.5in stainless square tubing. My first welder didn't have much experience with that, and it came out pretty crooked, but I found a new guy who does marvellous work - he fabricated the other bits and pieces, and welded my kegs very nicely. Highly recommended!

The design is an indirect fired HERMS, with 35 ft of SS coil submerged in the HLT and the recirculation pump controlled by the BrewTroller. I may switch to 50 ft 1/2 tubing to improve the heat exchange rate, and be able to do step mashes. My test run showed that the HERMS can keep a 5 gal batch at mash temp ok, but raising temps for mashout is fairly slow.

Everything else should be in the pictures, if you have questions, just ask!

Pump mounts and drip shield. Also, bleeder valves.

Chillzilla, with SS QD's for wort, and garden hose QD's for chill water. I can also pump ice water from the HLT through the chiller to get to lager temps, with a different hose.

The control panel. BrewTroller rocks!

The temp sensor heat shield and sensor cable. M8 3-pin connector for quick disassembly. All sensors are on the same bus.

Honeywell valves with drip/heat shield. On the next stand I will redesign the gas manifold to have the outlets horizontally, this way the valves will be farther away from the burners and space used better.

HLT and brew dog nose.

A handy little water manifold and filter mount. One RV grade hose does it all.

Daisy the brew dog. She loves sweet wort,and even a handful of spent grains. No hops, of course!

Thanks again to everyone who helped with advice, parts and knowledge. Special thanks to my wife for the "basement time", and to my brew buddy David, who introduced me to brewing in the first place.

- Fabian

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