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I opened a bottle of my second homebrew tonight. It is a Cherry Wheat, recipe is here

I used my new brewpot and electric element with this one and after 3 weeks in the bottle, I opened one tonight to find it tastes very watery. Basically it tastes like slightly flavored water, none of that favor is even the cherry extract.

I'm not sure what may have gone wrong. On brew day I had an O.G. of 1.052 and the day before bottling the S.G. was at 1.015. Those numbers are on the high end based on the recipe, but it seemed ok.

My first batch came out great, according to the folks who have tried it. It's too bitter for my tastes, but everyone says its similar to a Newcastle Brown Ale. So I'm not totally off the mark with brewing I guess.

Can someone tell me where I may have gone wrong so I can avoid this with my next batch.


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