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Equipment and Software / Wheels for new brewstand?!
« on: September 06, 2013, 02:10:13 PM »
So I had some construction done on the house and they needed to build a temporary wall. I paid for all the lumber so when they tore it down I thought, why not? Lets build a brewstand!

Anyone have any suggestions for wheels for this thing? The legs are 2x4s and the caster wheels I see on Home Depot have a plate no smaller than 2" which probably won't secure well.
Any other ideas? Wheels with locks would be ideal.

Equipment and Software / Air leak causing mold in chest freezer
« on: July 29, 2013, 09:18:37 PM »
I have a 5cu ft Holiday Chest Freezer for my corny kegs.
Use a Johnson Digital Temp Controller set to 38 degrees with the probe in a thermowell in a Gatorade bottle of water.
I have a Eva-Dry 500 to control moisture, but I'm still having problems with moisture and now a small bit of mold was spotted and cleaned thoroughly.
You can see in the pic how the temp probe is being fed into the freezer.
There is a small gap in the seal allowing air to enter and causing the moisture which is all on the top of the freezer only on the tops of the kegs and regulator.
Any advice on how to feed it in without a leak?

All Grain Brewing / Palmer's Spreadsheet - Kettle addition
« on: August 17, 2012, 01:07:32 AM »
I was just listening to Brew Strong and have been trying to work out the correct water profile for my Sierra Celebration Ale Clone.

I get that for the initial mash you only put the mash water volume into the spreadsheet (for me 3gallons) and then calculate the appropriate salt additions to reach my desired water profile.

Palmer states on Brew Strong that you have to then do a separate addition that will be added to the kettle for the sparge water that will top off your kettle to your pre-boil volume. But he never goes into detail about this addition.

So say I get 2 gallons of wort from my sparge. I would then need 4.25 gallons to reach my pre-boil volume from sparging. Would you then just take the spreadsheet and put 4.25 gallons and adjust the salts to reach the same water profile that I calculated for the mash?

So I have a 6" boil screen in my kettle attached to my ball valve.

Now this doesn't strain that much hops out because of the larger holes in the screen so when I transfer it to my carboy I run it through a big funnel that has a screen in it to help filter. That screen constantly gets clogged and I have to sit there with a sanitized spoon and keep the screen clear.

So I was thinking to help strain more hops out of the kettle that I would put a stainless steel scrubber inside of the boil screen.

The good stainless steel ones say they won't rust, so would there be any other issue to using this?

These are the type of scrub pads I was looking at and here is the boil screen I have. I would put one inside of the screen and run the wort out of the kettle through it.

Beer Recipes / Community IPA Recipe Project
« on: May 11, 2012, 09:28:43 PM »
So basically I'm going to be moving soon and want to do one last batch here.
I have a freezer full of delicious hops and not exactly sure what to do with them, so I have this idea.
Everyone put in your ideas on what kind of malts to use, hop schedule, dry hopping, etc... for a nice hoppy IPA recipe.
Let's hear everyone's ideas!

Here are the hops I have:

Simcoe 3.25oz
Amarillo 2.25oz
Hallertauer .5oz
Willamette .75oz
Magnum .25oz
Citra .25oz
Centennial .25oz
Chinook .25oz

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