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Going Pro / Opportunity for Aspiring Brew Masters - USA Network
« on: March 06, 2012, 07:40:02 PM »
I am currently casting a new feel-good TV show for USA called "The Moment" about helping people get a second chance at their dream career. Once career in particular that we're looking at is Brew Master.
We are very specifically looking for people who have some experience with brewing but do NOT currently work in the industry due to varying circumstances. (It's alright if the person does some home brewing here and there but their main source of income should be something other than being a brew master).

This is an AMAZING once in a lifetime opportunity for someone who deserves a second chance. To apply go to mysticartpictures [dot] com and fill out the "The Moment" application. We cannot consider you unless the whole application is complete - you CAN nominate yourself.

**feel free to google the show - it is going to be on USA and is being hosted by Kurt Warner.

UPDATE: Just got word from the execs that we are now ONLY considering candidates who are men ages 30-55 that live within 2(ish) hours of Los Angeles. Sorry for any inconvenience. This could change in the future so be sure to check back as I will be updating as I get information.

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