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Classifieds / wtb: shoestring budget startup
« on: April 05, 2010, 05:02:08 PM »
Well... as the subject suggests, i want to get started brewing, and im looking for the equipment. I'm sure theres a few of you guys on here with the 6.5 gallon buckets that you barely used before you upgraded, and im thinking i'll probably follow suit, but thats what im looking for anyways.

I'm looking for basically the same starter kit that you can find on any home brewing site, if you're not able to send all the pieces thats okay too. I have quite a few parts from wine-making... but the glass carboys might be a bit rough on me.

Another thing i need is a 20qt stainless kettle, with a lid preferably.

I live in northern colorado, and would like to pick something up if i could, but if you're willing to ship hit me up too. I'm just looking to get started for a decent deal. If anyone has any links that might price better than buying locally, let me know. I'm just as willing to check that out.

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