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General Homebrew Discussion / carbonation
« on: October 03, 2010, 10:49:40 PM »
My pumpkin ale actually turned out very good with great flavors. It fermented quickly as the temps were in the 70's. But, all went well and I bottled after two weeks. After week three I tried the brew and it was good. After week three I re-tried the brew and it was greater with good head and carbonation. After week four I refrigerated a batch of about 12 bottles and the beer hazed which was fine. The problem was the carbonation disappeared....virtually flat when chilled. I am going to warm some up to see the results. The temp was probably in the low 40's. Too cold?  thanx

Yeast and Fermentation / fermentation
« on: April 04, 2010, 10:51:23 PM »
My results have been mediocre to outstanding.  The problem has been the number of days of fermentation. I get great fermentation results for the first few days (3+) , then it subsides. I believe this is pretty good and then I want to bottle the beer. I have tried secondary fermentation and re-filled the second carboy with mediocre results. The finished product has been flat. I ask myself, why the hell did I try to secondary ferment when I believe the first ferment gave me the results I needed. I read where the fermentation can go on for a few weeks, but, I don't see that happening.  Am I crazy? Do I need to add an addtional amount of yeast? And if so...why don't I see that in any reference material? My last couple of batches of Pumpkin ale have been nothing less than outstanding. One batch produced the carbonation I required, the next was poor. I have read where some folks add a small amount of yeast to "kick-up" the carbonation. Yea or Ney? If I can solve this issue, I'm home free! By the way, I am an all grain brewer.
I typically bring the pre-carboy product up to room temp over a few days and then drop the temp to the mid 60's range to get  fermentation results without any yeast off-tastes.
Further more...I see a lot of recipes with both grain and malt extract ingredients. So...what's the conversion answer as I don't want to use extract ingredients?
I'm sure there is no right or wrong annswer as it's all organic...any help would be appreciated....thanx.

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