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All Grain Brewing / Another band-aid off flavor post
« on: February 14, 2014, 06:13:36 PM »
On all of my beers that use a phenolic yeast the character is very pronounced. It's the band-aid smell and taste, and very clove-like. I understand these styles should have some of these qualities, mostly clove, just not in this high of an amount.

The styles are
  • Hefeweizens(WY3068) - Tried 62F, 68F ferm temps
  • Wit(WLP400) - 68F ferm temp
  • Tripels(WLP530) - Tried 62F, 68F ferm temps
Other  info
  • I use RO water to brew
  • I don't believe the water I use to clean has chlorine(2ppm from local water report) high enough to do anything
  • None of my other beers have this type of off flavor and in general are pretty clean, so I'm reluctant to say infection
  • I sanitize with StarSan
  • I typically brew 3-4 gallon batches with at least a 1000mL starter on a stirplate
  • I have never used Brett in a beer
Any suggestions getting rid of this off-flavor would be much appreciated. I've researched this up and down and I can't find anything that seems to be a source. Thanks

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