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I fermented my first Saison with 565 and got great results.
Doubled up on my O2 and nutrients, started at 68F and ramped to 80F.
Let it go for 14 days before I checked it.  Started at 1.059 ended at 1.002.
Hydro sample tasted spicy, peppery, really good!
NOT infected!  My wort stability samples pre pitch, post pitch/pre O2 and post pitch/O2 were all immaculate at 14 days.
Only thing is that it is the ugliest, cloudiest beer I have ever seen but then again I've never fermented anything at 80°.  Have it cooled down to 40F currently and will leave it a week. 
Will that be enough or should I add gelatin?

Yeast and Fermentation / Fermentation By-Products? Advice Please
« on: June 24, 2013, 03:48:46 PM »
I need some advice on a recent SNPA clone attempt.  First some background:
I have been brewing all grain for about 1.5 years. 
I use temperature control and mainly liquid yeast with a starter.
I am a freak about cleanliness after a few infected batches.  I keep everything covered after flameout. (no issues with diacetyl)
I use closed transfer with CO2 from carboy to keg.  I throw away my siphon hoses after 1 use.  I no longer bottle, only keg.  I take no samples during fermentation to avoid another vector of contamination.
My last batch was a SNPA clone attempt, the vital stats are:
3 gal batch            
90 min boil            
OG   1.054         
FG   1.008                   
Grain Bill:
2 Row 94%         
C 60    6%                                 
9g of 8.8 AA Perle @ 90 min for 21 IBU
17g of 6 AA Cascade @ 45 min for 24 IBU      
26g of Cascade @ flameout         
45 IBU total      
Yeast / Fermentation:
WLP 001 which was 1 month before best by date         
1.3 g Wyeast nutrient @ 15 min
1.5 liter starter on stirplate, crashed & decanted.            
Ferm @ 69F, temp control, probe taped, insulated, to outside of carboy.
Healthy ferment 12 hours after pitch         
Wort stability sample post cool/pre transfer was excellent & tossed after no growth for 7 days      
WS sample post trans/pre pitch was excellent & tossed after no growth for 7 days         
14 days primary            
No secondary            
Closed transfer to keg with CO2.         
After 1 week in keg at 68F - Taste green, fruity, no diacetyl         
21 days after kegging - Taste is better but side by side with SNPA, no hops, no bitterness, still fruity but better. 
My palate is not good enough to distinguish which fruit but that is not the point really, it is more that it seems to be some sort of fermentation by product.
I am thinking I need to adjust my fermentation schedule somehow but am at a loss.  I am confident there is no contamination because of WS samples and no sourness or really disagreeable off flavors, just the fruitiness that won’t let any maltiness through.
I thought that WLP 001 would be a lot cleaner.
Should I go lower on my fermentation temperature?
A secondary issue is that there is no bitterness or hop flavor.  Maybe the fruitiness is masking? The Perle was purchased from a shop that keeps them refrigerated but in bulk.  Won’t do that again.
Any and all help is appreciated.
Frustrated in Florida.   

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