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General Homebrew Discussion / American Brown Style Guidelines
« on: February 18, 2012, 07:09:26 PM »
I recently got score sheets back for an American Brown, filled out by 2 BJCP judges (including 1 national-level judge). My scores were OK, 33 and 34. Both judges found no major flaws but noted that my beer was pretty malt forward and that hops were a bit muted, so maybe a little out of balance for style (my interpretation of their comments; neither said "out of balance").

One judge commented that I should use more centennial and cascade hops and the other commented that it needed to be more citrusy in the finish. To me, these last two comments seem like an overinterpretation of the guidelines, which emphasize that citrusy character is optional. I'm curious if guidelines for the style are mutating a bit, and that citrusy character is becoming increasingly expected. Any BJCP experts have thoughts on that?

I want to emphasize that I'm not whining about my scores and am just curious if the style target might be shifting towards increasing citrus character. I accept that hop perception might have been lower than optimal. I actually wanted this beer a little more bitter and citrusy and have some ideas for addressing that next time around. I think I need to either use more hops or add them loosely instead of in hop sacks (I'll try this next).

Kegging and Bottling / Kegging vs. Bottling - Another question of clarity
« on: February 18, 2012, 06:20:06 PM »
I only recently started kegging. Why have my bottled beers (75+ batches) tended to be much clearer than my kegged beers (2 batches)?

Does this suggest that my pick-up tubes should be shortened? In his recent Zymurgy article on lagers, Dan Gordon suggested they should be 2 inches higher than the bottom of the keg. Do most of you follow this advice; I know mine are closer to the bottom than that.

Alternatively, maybe I just got unlucky with my first two kegged beers, or maybe there is something else to think about? These were Kolsch and Alt yeasts, which I believe are notorious for low floc and clarity issues. Is that the answer to my question? Shorter settling distance in bottles than in kegs? Maybe, but these kegged beers have been in the kegs since early November.


Other Fermentables / Rescue My Cider
« on: November 05, 2009, 04:12:13 PM »
3 weeks ago, I made three gallons of cider using fresh pressed apple juice, and fermented with Lalvin EC1118.  The juice gravity was about 1.042.  It's fermented to 1.000.  Nothing to the taste but tartness, and pretty watery.  It is still sitting on the yeast.  I have another (unfermented) gallon of fresh juice and am thinking of using it in a rescue operation.  

One possibility is adding the juice and stablizing.  I'm not sure 1 gallon of juice will be sufficient to overcome the tartness and this will dilute the alcohol some.

A second possibility is to make a small amount of sweet mead and blend to make a ceyser, possibly adding the juice too.

How have others have made unapproachably tart and dry ciders more approachable?

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