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General Homebrew Discussion / Curious...part 2
« on: June 08, 2010, 03:53:11 AM »
OK, so I'm seeing anywhere from 5 - 20+ different brews going at the same time... and many of you seem to do larger batches (that is, larger than the typical 5 gal)... so my questions are:

1. Where do you find the time to do all this?  :o

2. Where do you keep everything (fermenters, kegs, bottles, massive amounts of equipment)?  :-\

I am starting very small for a number of reasons, but space is the biggest reason.  And time!  I'd rather spend more time (what little of it I have to spare) making a lot of different small batches (3 gal or less even) for more variety (my tastebuds get bored easily) than having 5, 10, or more gallons of the same beer that would take me forever to drink, or even trade with others.  So that leads me to question #3:

3. I want to hear all the pros and cons of making smaller batches (preferably more pros than cons  ;) )


Beer Travel / New England Brews
« on: June 07, 2010, 12:56:13 PM »
I haven't done a lot of long distance travel lately, but New England is chock full of awesome breweries that keep me pretty busy.  A friend introduced me to planning hiking and kayaking day trips around the local brew pubs  ;D

Some of the local favorites:
Portsmouth Brewery (Portsmouth, NH)
Flying Goose (New London, NH)
Cape Ann Brewery (Gloucester, MA)
Northampton Brewery (Northampton, MA)
7 Barrel (somewhere in VT)

and some I have yet to visit, but love their beer:
The Tap (Haverhill Brewery, Haverhill, MA)
Tuckerman (NH)
Smuttynose Brewery (Portsmouth, NH)
Harpoon Brewery (Windsor, VT)
Ipswich Brewery/Mercury Brewing (Ipswich, MA - brewpub opening soon)

Ahhh... so many brewpubs, so little time!

General Homebrew Discussion / Just curious...
« on: June 07, 2010, 12:37:42 PM »
How many different brews do you have:

-bottled/kegged (carbonating)
-ready to drink

at any given time?

Equipment and Software / Really Basic Kettle ? from a newbie
« on: May 04, 2010, 02:47:25 PM »
OK, a little background... I'm just getting started brewing (like haven't even brewed my first batch yet!) but I am not new to the craft of fine beer tasting  ;)  My joy in drinking beer is variety, not necessarily quantity for less $.  And I am an herbalist so I already enjoy the art of brewing, blending, trying new recipes.  That said, I will probably stay with partial mash rather than all grain brewing (I have an extract kit here but that will probably be my first and maybe last).  And I would like to do more smaller (1-3 gal) batches for variety rather than larger 5+ gal batches for quantity.

So my first question from you more experienced than I... does this sound reasonable so far?

And my second question, assuming smaller batches with more variety is reasonable, I'm on a budget, so does it make more sense to invest in a better quality 12 - 16qt pot or go with a lesser quality, more standard 20qt pot?  (and any recommendations regarding which pots are better are all welcome too!)

l've done a lot of reading so far and a little knowledge can become very confusing, so now it's time for me to ask the professionals  ;D

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