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We are now accepting entries for the 2012 KCBM Homebrew Competition.

All the info is here:


Entries close February 4.

We ship prizes and ship promptly.

Stan Hieronymous will be speaking at the awards banquet on the 18th.

Detailed information on the awards banquet and a hotel group discount will be on the competition site shortly.

If you can come out and judge or steward, you can sign up via the competition entry system.

Beer Travel / Tokyo?
« on: May 04, 2011, 01:57:12 AM »
Headed to Tokyo for a month this weekend. I did a little research before posting and found that there are a couple of brew pubs in town that I can get to on the weekends and then this place is a little under a mile from my hotel:

So, yeah, winning.

Anyway, looks like I could could spend the whole trip getting through the beer I can get there.

Any other suggestions for beer? Sake? Anything else?

I will be getting sushi at the fish market. Been wanting to do that for years.

The Kansas City Bier Meisters are currently accepting entries for the 28th Annual Kansas City Bier Meisters Homebrew Competition. The competition is BJCP/AHA sanctioned and is a qualifier for the High Plains Club and Brewer of the Year awards.

Entries must be received by Saturday February 5, and judging will be held on February 18 and 19 at Holy Field Winery in Basehor, KS. This year's focus is on local, sustainable ingredients and brewing practices - reusing resources like barrels, and making beer with local ingredients such as wheat!

The entry fee is $7 per entry and online entry and payment are available at the competition website below.

If you wish to volunteer as a judge or steward you can do so through the online entry system and your help is appreciated.

Our banquet speaker is Stephen Hale, Chief Brewer at the Schlafly Taproom
Our morning speaker is Paul Kavulak, owner of (and brewer at) Nebraska Brewing Company

We are also sponsor a tour of Boulevard the afternoon of the 19th with transportation provided to and from Holy Field.

Awards will be given in the 28 BJCP beer, cider and mead categories. Additionally a special BOS award will be given to the best beer that uses wheat as a substantial ingredient. Please see the competition website for a full listing of awards.

The competition website has complete details:

If you have any questions please contact myself at or Amy Satterlund at

Enter early, enter often and tell you friends.


John Fowler

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