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Equipment and Software / Buners
« on: January 14, 2011, 12:55:15 AM »
So I am looking to build my all grain system I have been wanting to build finally, I have the design down minus a few engineering changes that will be made once I get some imput.

I have a natural gas line in my basement that is caped and has a shut off valve for an old stove my family had in the basement when we did canning. Which also works great since we still have the vent system in just need to clean is out and unplug the exhuast. I want to use that line to fuel the burners.

but now to the point what type of burners work best for this setup. Using natural gas and mountable. Making the mounts is no problem being a machinist and decent at welding too. but i need to know some good one that people have used or would use.

Pimp My System / Keezer assisatance.
« on: October 01, 2010, 10:57:53 AM »
So my old Keezer died recently Which was a very sad day in my house cause it was before labor day and we had people coming over. Well now back to my point.

The old Keezer had the taps coming out of the top. But the new new freezer to be comverted is going to have a 2 by 6 board all the way around to put the taps thru the front. But my issue is on how to mount the extension to the base of the freezer. I need ideas to keep it there safe and sound and secure with the weigh of the lid hinged to it.

Ideas and suggestions would be nice.
I will be posting up images of the construction

John Kaminski

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