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Zymurgy / Sept/Oct 2007 Zymurgy won't open in mobile app
« on: April 13, 2015, 08:44:28 AM »
When I try, the message "Cannot open document" comes up. What do I have to do to get an uncorrupted copy of this issue? All the rest from Jan/Feb 2000 to the present open just fine.


Jim Wilson

Events / Judges and Stewards needed in Los Angeles on Sept 22
« on: August 06, 2012, 05:08:08 PM »
Plans for this year’s Pacific Brewing Cup contest are developing well.

·       Chief Organizer Jeff Sanders has recruited a great team of worker bees.

·       We’re returning to the Four Points Sheraton LAX,, hotel for judging.

·       Generous sponsors will allow the Strand to meet our previous year’s standardsand facilitate a great experience for all.

The one missing detail is judges and stewards. We are planning to judge all flights on the morning of Sept 22 and have BOS in the afternoon. With contest entries up significantly this year, we’ll need 80+ judges and 30+ stewards to pull this one off. Please sign up on the PBC website, and save Sept 22 for the best contest of the year. Contest entry details are on the website as well.

If there are any questions, please email Jeff at or me at


Jim Wilson

2012 PBC HeadJudge

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