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Ok, so I'm a newbie homebrewer and I'm in the middle of my first batch, an IPA. I started fermenting on Tuesday and I think I'm getting close to bottling day. Then this afternoon here in Eastern Massachusetts, we've had a major water main break, and the state has ordered that we can't drink the water without boiling it. It could be a week or more before it's fixed. Ugh.

I still have all my bottles and equipment to clean before I bottle. On the advise of my local brew supply store, I wasn't planning on sanitizing because all my equipment is brand new. Is ok to clean my stuff with the contaminated water, or will I need to sanitize everything too because of the water hazard? And even if I sanitize, is it ok to do it with using contaminated water? Or will I need to go the next step and sterilize everything (and, how do I do that?) I'm already a bit paranoid that I don't know what I'm doing, so this water situation has me wondering if I need to just ditch the batch and start over after the water is safe. I suppose I could boil the water before I use it, but I've got 50+ bottle to clean, so that's a lot of water to boil. Thoughts anyone? (BTW, I just activated my AHA membership...)

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