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Beer Recipes / Thoughts on a Rye IPA w/ sage, juniper berries?
« on: May 03, 2014, 10:09:45 PM »
After sampling several beers using earthy ingredients, I've come up with an idea of making a rye IPA with sage and juniper berries. I'd be curious to get advice from people who have used these ingredients, your thoughts on whether my hops seem complementary, and anything that makes you think aspects of this recipe might be a good/bad idea. Right now, I'm thinking I should go very light with the sage and juniper berries, and then if it is undetectable I can always make a tincture and add more at bottling.

9# Maris Otter (62%)
3.5# Rye (24%)
1# CaraMunich 45L (7%)
.5# Crystal 10L (3.5%)
.5# rice hulls (3.5%)

~0.1 oz fresh sage leaf (5 minutes)
~0.2 oz fresh juniper berries (5 minutes)

Apollo - 60 min - 0.4 oz (24 IBU)
Chinook - 30 min - 0.25 oz (7 IBU)
Chinook - 15 min - 0.25 oz (5 IBU)
Simcoe - 15 min - 0.25 oz (5 IBU)
Cascade - 5 min - 0.25 oz (1 IBU)
Simcoe - 5 min - 0.25 oz (2 IBU)
Cascade - 15 min whirlpool - 0.25 oz (2 IBU)
Simcoe - 15 min whirlpool - 0.25 oz (4 IBU)
Cascade - Dry Hop - 0.5 oz
Simcoe - Dry Hop - 0.5 oz

Yeast - WLP090 (San Diego super yeast... because I already have some from my last batch)
OG - 1.058
51 IBU

Beer Recipes / Strong dark Belgian ideas from mixed grains
« on: September 11, 2013, 07:21:34 PM »
So I have a bucket of the following grains, which have already been milled and are mixed together. (Long story, but involves disastrous units conversions.)

6.38 lb pilsener malt (38.5%)
4.5 lb aromatic malt (27.1%)
4.75 lb carapils (28.7%)
0.9 lb Munich malt (5.7%)

It's obviously a ton of aromatic malt and carapils, but I want to try to salvage some of these grains. My idea is to make a Belgian quad, using half of the grains and adding another ~7 pounds of pilsener malt, a little more Munich malt, and some various Belgian candi sugars. For an OG of 1.104, I would still be at 10% carapils and 9.6% aromatic malt. (This is based very loosely on ideas for Rochefort 10 clones I've seen on a few forums.)

In general, I'm wondering if this could possibly turn into a good beer? I know the carapils is unfermentable, but it seems like it might work okay in this style. Is there something else you would recommend brewing with this odd mix of grains? All ideas welcome!

All Grain Brewing / Help with recipe adjustment - Blonde ale
« on: July 27, 2013, 06:45:39 AM »
I'm helping my friend brew in 10 hours, and we need advice ASAP. He went to a brew shop and accidentally measured out 10x the amounts of carapils and aromatic malt called for in the recipe we're brewing (a blonde ale - kolsch malt bill with american hops). Now, he has the following grains measured and milled together:

6.38 lb pilsener malt (38.5%)
4.5 lb aromatic malt (27.1%)
4.75 lb carapils (28.7%)
0.9 lb munich malt (5.7%)

I know that's way too much aromatic and carapils... I'm guessing this wouldn't be a good batch if brewed as is. My question is, how much additional pilsener would we need to add to get those grains down to an amount that would result in a good beer?  I.e., what's the max percentage of aromatic malt or carapils that will result in a decent beer (it's for my friend's wedding)?   Thanks!

Beer Recipes / Citra with Nelson?
« on: April 15, 2013, 09:21:06 PM »
I'm contemplating a kolsch-like beer for summer, but with a light fruity, citrusy kick at the end. Right now my plan is to use Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops. Has anyone used this combination before, and/or do you have thoughts/tips? I've had beers with each variety individually, and it seems like they should complement each other rather well.

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