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All Grain Brewing / rookie who needs help with floaters!
« on: March 26, 2013, 03:07:23 AM »
I've been lurking around these forums for awhile now, getting some really great tips from the community. This is a great forum!

I recently switched to all grain brewing, and have done 3 beers that all ended up with A TON of floaters in them. Yellow colored, maybe 2-3 mm in size. Enough of these to cover the surface of my beer. So far the taste doesn't seem to be off, but is there something I'm doing wrong to make these little guys appear?

Here's the recipe for a Kolsch I did that tasted fine, and had a good head, but required a lot of extra work to get rid of these floaters:

8# german pilsen
1# wheat malt
.25 # honey malt

1 oz hallertauer @ 60 min.
.25 oz Saaz @ 15 min.
.25 oz Saaz at 5 min.

mash for 60 min at 155, sparge @ 170 f
60 min. boil, WL 029 german yeast pitched at 72 f, fermentation kept at approx 62 f for 1 week in fermenter, 3 days in secondary, bottled 2 weeks.

the only issue i had during brewing was my vorlauf took a really long time before the bed settled and let the wort ran clear into my boil pot.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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