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Events / Club Night Booth Logistics
« on: March 07, 2013, 08:23:34 PM »
I shot an email over to Kathryn Porter Drapeau but haven't heard back. I figured I'd open it up to more people that may have some input.

I've attended the last 5 conferences so I have a general idea of what club nights look like. Not including Oakland, which had much more of a convention center feel like GABF, the social nights have been in a grand banquet room, typically with 14'  ceilings or something like that. 

Do we know what the height restrictions for booth assemblies might be? Many clubs make the mistake of putting all their design efforts into stuff that sits lower than 6' off the ground. Fill the room up and you can't see squat. We want to get our banner and stuff up high enough to see but we need to know if the ceilings are like 12'. Anyone know for sure?

How do clubs typically load in their gear? We plan to bring a 12 keg kegerator with us as our serving bar and that plus other decor will require that we bring a small trailer. With the parking situation in Philly, how the hell can we make that happen? Especially given the need to clear out in a short time with a long buzz?

Homebrew Clubs / Hey Drew, where is our Club Leadership Sub Forum?
« on: June 20, 2011, 04:21:54 PM »
I know, I know. The alcohol is still on everyone's breath from the NHC but I thought I'd drop this reminder.

During the Homebrew Club Organization talk at the NHC, it was obvious that all the club leader present were just bursting at the seams with questions and great personal experience to share and the hour we had was nowhere near enough time. There was a suggestion to have a session at the next NHC (and probably should have it as an ongoing feature) set aside for the officers/leadership of all registered clubs to discuss focused issues.

I think we'll have a lot more success taking this online because there are probably way more club presidents out there that can't make it to NHC but hopefully do read these forums.

I think the idea to open up a club leadership sub forum is a great one. It may also be a good idea to pre-load it with some sticky threads of the obvious core issues clubs face.

Meeting Locations
Club Size Discussions
Social Events
Meeting Organization
Bylaws/Leadership Structure
Conflict Resolution

Just some ideas..

Bobby Pres.


Acetaldehyde – Acetic - Almond - Butyric – Diacetyl - D.M.S. - Earthy – Mercaptan - Ethyl acetate - Ethyl hexanoate – Spicy - Metallic - Geraniol – Indole - Isoamyl acetate - Grainy – Isovaleric - Lactic - Caprylic – Papery - Vanilla - Bitter – Infection - Hefeweizen

Vials get added to a liter of BMC and supply enough for at least 20 tasters. The WHALES club bought two kits figuring on 40 or so tasters but we were able to get about 35 pours off one kit. We now have an extra kit.

The original price from Siebel is $180 plus overnight shipping ($65 for two kits). We'll sell this one for $140 plus whatever shipping costs. I'd recommend Northeast shipping as we can get away with priority USPS and you'll have it in a day.

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